Eugene, Is She Still Just Seen As A ‘Fairy’?

8 Oct

She was the icon of the youth back then as she was active as the original fairy in SES. It seems just like a few days ago when she was enjoying her heyday as a teen star with her youthful face, but she has already become a veteran of 12 years as an actress. She has been an MC, an author, and the heroine of dramas and movies…Eugene meets the general public through a different way each time.

Eugene entered the interview location with her carefree face after having played the role of Chae Won, who was the very kind eldest granddaughter of a noodle shop, in the recently finished MBC drama ‘A Hundred Year’s Inheritance’, which garnered over 30% ratings.

“I felt really attached to the staff so I feel disappointed, but after finishing the drama, I feel relieved. It was the first time I did a 50 episode drama, so it consumed a lot of energy from me, but it’s good that I received a lot of love through that drama, so I’m thankful. Aside from the ratings, I have a strong attachment to the drama.”

‘A Hundred Year’s Inheritance’ wasn’t just a drama that had good ratings to Eugene. Seeing as it is a family drama with three generations being connected to the noodle factory, she was able to gain ‘a love for a family’ that wouldn’t leave her envious of a real family.

“There were many characters I interacted with, so there were a lot of things I gained. I felt a sense of closeness from the seniors and all of the considerate people. I never experienced living with such a large family, so I enjoyed the warm atmosphere. I felt a true family feeling from everyone since everyone was acting very sincerely.” There’s something worth knowing as we try to figure out why ‘A Hundred Year’s Inheritance’ was so successful.

Chae Won endured the tough married life of Chairman Bang without any complaints and even if there were obstacles that would interfere with her love with Se Yoon that would pop up, both of them firmly endured everything. Eugene said while smiling “She’s extremely nice so it is a bit suffocating, but acted as if I was truly living Chae Won’s life.”

“Chae Won and I are considerably similar. Of course, Chae Won has a lot more patience that I do. It was frustrating, being subject to Chae Won’s mother-in-law’s antics and hearing from her husband that they should divorce, so all of that touched me. I had gotten married, so that divorce seen only came out in a sad manner from what I recall. If that actually happened to me? I wouldn’t haven’t gotten married in the first place. (Laughs)”

In the drama she experienced a married life that isn’t imaginable to her, but in reality, she lives as a normal wife, enjoying a happy married life with actor Ki Tae Young. In the interview she stated “Nothing is more important than family. Family comes before work,” stressed Eugene, talking about the future she envisioned.

“It seems like things aren’t happening as planned, but it would be great If they did before it was too late for the second generation. It would be great if the first one was a daughter, resembling my personality. (Laughs) I’m carefree, but my husband is the sensitive type that gets hurt. The tender and delicate types always seem to get hurt, so it seems like my personality is better. Even though it is a bit frustrating when I see people, simple things like that are good for things like your health. (Laughs)”

Eugene has come to this point with brisk activities, being a man’s wife, an actress, and a beauty program MC. She pursues transformation and harmony at the same time while constructing her very own world as an actress. When asked if the image of being the ‘Original Fairy’ isn’t burdensome after following her like a label for more than ten years, she tilted her head and said “I haven’t strived to uphold that fairy image even once.”

“I have never done a role with a fairy-like image, so I have no idea why I have that image. While acting, just the act of trying to uphold the fairy image is preposterous. As much as it is important to consider reality, I’m not even aware of the fairy image. It just seems like the fairy image follows me around my whole life.”

Eugene, who is no longer staying as an actress with a girl group background, stays in the sights of the public through the camera by being an actress and MC. She’s happy that she gets to consider what she enjoys doing as work. Eugene, who enjoys and wants to do acting and MCing, revealed her convictions by saying “I have a lot of freed when it comes to acting, but I’m not just going to assert my greed.”

“If one is conceited, there’s no way one will attain good results. It’s just that as an actress that I want to encounter a lot of good projects. An actor’s life is not even knowing what’s one inch in front of you, so we have to satisfied with what we’re able to act. In the future, in a project that I’m connected with, I want to show everyone acting that has distinct characteristics. Just like the protagonist in the movie “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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