Jung Ryeo Won’s Paris Vacation

8 Oct

Do you like traveling?

Do I have to say that I like stepping onto unknown land? Coming into contact with a place that I don’t know at all is interesting. I always take some time to cool my head off and recharge after I’m finished with a project. As for learning about another culture, I have this feeling of very enjoyable studying. I especially like traveling and walking. Although I like Seoul, going overseas is just more exciting. While I’m walking, there are many spectacles to see and I end up scanning my surroundings, and I even start thinking about things that aren’t easy to think about. I can feel the peculiar energy from the people and from the unique culture.

What about a vacation that you remember?

I’ve been to Santorini Island in Greece, but the trip took longer than 22 hours because we were on standby after boarding the plane. It was in August, so it was very hot, and I was only able to go outside after 8 PM. However, just endlessly walking on cliff above the island, which had a romantic harmony that I could only imagine, made me very happy. I won’t ever be able to forget the sunset that was extending above the ocean. Ah, the food seemed too salty. Haha. I didn’t really know it at that time, but everything became a memory. When I get a lover, I definitely want to go there one more time. If I could pick another place, it would obviously be Paris!


Yes. Paris. I really like Paris.  Back then, I used to really like the carefree England, but as I slowly get older, I’ve been falling for the charms of Paris. If Santorini is a place that I really want to go to once, Paris would be the place that I would want to see often. I feel something every time I go there, but it’s always a new feeling.

You say that without having gone there a lot?

Haha. I went there this past April for a bit, and I had the feeling as if there was a great scent in the street. They invested time and costs into the architecture’s meticulous parts, preserving the old appearance of the place, which I think is amazing. To those who know good taste, the expression that this is the city of love is absolutely correct. One more thing, the French language! Yesterday when I went to meet my friend for a minute, there was this East Asian woman who looked brilliant as she was speaking French fluently at the next table in the cafe near the hotel.

How was this trip to Paris?

I was curious as to how the winter atmosphere was in Paris, but the weather wasn’t very good. It was overcast even when we arrived. On the very day that I was shooting, it rained. Since the sky remained beautiful, my mood became more refreshing every time I took a walk. I walked a lot during this trip, more than I usually would on an average day. I even reached out for my manager and the staff members. Though I came here for filming, there were many places that I didn’t want to miss out on. I was a bit greedy.

There was an apartment where we filmed at that you seemed to really like.

Out of the owners of the apartment, the husband was a musical actor and the wife was an illustrator, so the [interior] was sensibly decorated. I like art, so I thoughtlessly looked at the drawings and pictures that were hung up, the hand-made dolls that were above the bed and other places, the frames, art books, etc. and all of them were to my liking. I even thought for a moment that I wanted to live here. Overall, it had a comfortable natural tone, but I can’t express it through words, and I like the typical French atmosphere. They especially had two cute sons, and during the middle of filming, they sang along to Gangnam Style and did the horse dance, frolicking around every part of the apartment, so our smiles naturally came out.

Ah, so you even have a lot of interest in art books.

Definitely, a lot! Back then, as soon as an art book was grasped by my hand, I bought it, but lately, just looking at one leaves me satisfied. They’re really like a huge mass of endless inspiration. Not just art books, but I like psychology, so I read books dealing with human mentality, so lately Hyemin Seunim’s “The Things You See For The First Time When You Stop” comes to mind. He wrote the book in such a way that I could sympathize with what kind of mental attitude a person needs to be able to live their life happily.

You have even done some drawings yourself.

Lately I have had the thoughts that I want to draw more earnestly. If I happen to formally learn how to draw, there will be a lot more things that I will be able to express. I sometimes learn from the videos uploaded to YouTube, but it’s lacking. It still leaves me thirsty for something better.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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