Kim So Yeon “My Feelings of Guilt Grew Throughout the Filming of ‘Two Weeks’”

8 Oct

‘Two Weeks’ remains as an amazing project to Kim So Yeon. Although she suffered throughout the shooting, to that extent it’s a project where she feels some disappointment because it was a drama that lingered with her and seemed to end that much more earlier.

In a  recent interview with Newsen, Kim So Yeon revealed her impressions about finishing the drama, stating “I was so happy on the day that filming ending that I did feel sorry. However, after resting for a few days and watching the drama properly, it made me feel really sad and the drama lingers with me. So, the drama remains with me for a long even though it is over. It’s not common that I have thought like that regarding a drama.”

Kim So Yeon showed her affection to the drama by saying “How is it that I can feel as if the drama ended so quickly? Is it because the drama was very draining on me? It’s really amazing. It’s as if it particularly finished quickly. We shot the drama having a lot of interest in the script and always being curious. We didn’t put too much weight on the ratings, but we came to feel that it’s unfortunate that the ratings were pitiful.”

The character Kim So Yeon acted as, Park Jae Kyung, has a lot of backstory and is a pitiable character. She saw her father stabbed by Moon Ilsuk, and could only cry at the unreasonable world as Jang Taesan went to jail instead. At the same time, Jaekyung was even betrayed by Jo Seohee, who was helping Moon Ilsuk, and she fought alone to dig up any evidence of their corruption, but she lost Oh Misook in the process, who was like a little sister to her.

Kim So Yeon revealed the hardships that she had in her heart by saying “I felt I was able to break away from the drama after filming finished. Honestly, I felt very sorry and guilty during shooting. Just the incident with Misook was enough to drive me crazy. The car accident I had in the beginning was because I violated the signal, so I was sorry. Through that, the drama was unfolding, but I felt sorry as I was driving, so I cast a spell upon myself, chanting ‘I’m going because of Misook without thinking correctly’.”

Kim So Yeon recollected back, saying “To be frank, I couldn’t feel anything from the synopsis regarding her father’s incident. However, Misook’s incident made me go crazy. Seeing the scar from the knife was tough. She was a ‘child’ who didn’t show her tears, and even seeing the scene in the script where she is in lingerie looking and laughing made me cry.”

She went on, explaining “we shot the scene with Misook for a while, and the final crying scene was even more sympathetic. Jaekyung was just a kid who hadn’t even tried crying up until that point. She was always an immature and cold child, but she exploded then. I felt sorry for everything that involved Misook. The person Kim So Yeon isn’t someone who can endure a change in her environment because of herself, and Park Jaekyung is even worse. I felt repressed by the guilt.”

The lingering images within Kim So Yeon came out as she stated “The last scene was especially frustrating as she was erasing the white board in her house and looking at Misook. She was looking at me with her deer-like eyes, so I think the drama lingers with me because of that scene. I couldn’t even control myself during the rehearsal. No matter how I look at it, it feel like it was the last present from Jae Kyung, who had suffered a lot throughout the whole time. About the feeling that it’s okay to forget everything now? Jaekyung’s ending was perfect, so it’s even more frustrating.”

On the other hand, Kim So Yeon is enjoying her vacation for now and is planning to prepare for her next project.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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