Horikita Maki Miss Pilot Interview

9 Oct

In the beginning, while listening to them talk and reading the script, how did you feel?

Tezuka Haru, the role I’m playing, isn’t necessarily aiming to become a pilot from the beginning. Especially since her target occupation isn’t a pilot, I felt that assigning herself to become a pilot while haphazardly job searching was fresh. Therefore, she participates in the explanatory meeting in the beginning, she happens to apply just in case, and due to her being fired from many different businesses up until that point, with the same kind of feeling, she challenged to take the tests and hold interviews. During the middle of all of that, little by little, she begins to feel the charms of the pilot occupation. I think the flow of the story is interesting, as one experience that she had allows her to believe that she can formally and truly become a pilot.

How do you perceive the character Tezuka Haru?

She’s a diligent and honest girl that doesn’t lie. In the story, that will become a very important part, so even within myself that is something that I want to make important as I act as Tezuka.

There actually are female pilots, whereas before I didn’t even know they existed.

Before I heard the story (from the pilot), I didn’t even know that there were female pilots. On the occasion of playing this role this time, I was able to meet a top female pilot that flew for ANA. I heard from her how she aimed at becoming a pilot, how she went from a trainee to doing the real thing, how long the flights are, among other things, and I’ll definitely by able to use that as a reference.

While listening to the story, was there anything impressive?

There were a lot of impressive things. It wasn’t just how she was able to study to become a trainee and a pilot afterwards, but listening to how she experienced being on the grand staff and maintenance crew astonished me. However, those experiences are separated into different staff groups, now she even decides on her own flight times, so hearing her saying that it’s good that she got to experience those jobs is impressive. I understand that she just doesn’t fly the airplane, but that it’s also important that the customers understand everything from the structure to the embarkation.

During the middle of shooting, have you ever felt like you were close to being a pilot?

As one would expect, I haven’t felt like I was a pilot. It’s because I personally feel uncomfortable in the cockpit. I feel like that’s close to what Haru would feel due to never having riding an airplane before. In the simulation scene, she was allowed to take hold of the lever, and that was even more than she could imagine. Furthermore, the addition of strength influences the handling of the plane, so she found out she had a lot of power, so she made a lot of new discoveries of the all of the movements one by one.

After this, are you thinking of experiencing many different types of training, and have you ever felt like something was pretty difficult?

I don’t know it came out while we were filming, but in reality, I have resigned to thinking that the scene where I fly an airplane is very difficult. As I expected, I have to know many technical terms and memorize the operation protocols. With the exception of memorizing one’s lines, there seems to be a lot that has to be memorized. I think on the actual scene, one has to give up being in charge, and while being taught, one has to firmly learn everything.

In reality, there was filming at the airport and at repair shops, so how was it?

Up until now, when I was performing at an airport, there has never been a time when I was particularly conscious of my surroundings. However, after having performing through filming, after doing it again, I came to understand that a lot of people work here. The intensity of such large things at the airport and factory overwhelmed me. Seeing that pilots handle huge aircrafts, again I felt the importance of the pilots’ work. Afterwards, the men at the factory were very delighted, and prior to that, I had received advice to not get too close, so I merrily got close and was touching things without becoming nervous. (Laughs)

By the way, isn’t your strong point handling vehicles?

The only thing I can handle by myself is my bicycle. (Laughs) There have been many times where I got in the backseat of a car, as that makes me feel a lot more comfortable. (Laughs)

Horikita, please inform the readers of what you feel the charms and highlights of this project are.

Haru had no ambition to become a pilot, and hadn’t even ridden on a plane before. Haru didn’t even know the basics of airplanes that a person who had interest in airplanes to some extent would know. I think the process of Haru really aiming to become a pilot is interesting. I think that from here on out, it has been arranged that there will be many barriers that Haru will collide with. Overcoming obstacles as a team is also interesting. I think the link with the airplane is fantastic, as they fly into the headwind without the support of a tailwind. I think there will be a change and growth in their feelings through the training process, and as for how Haru changes, I think it would be good if I can properly express that transformation.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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