Moon Chae Won “Is The First Impression Of Me Cold? Song Joong Ki (Said The Same Thing)”

4 Nov

“For Good Doctor, there’s a different meaning than a normal drama when it comes to creating certain aspects with the viewers. All of the viewers opened up their hearts and watched the drama, creating a feeling of ‘healing’.”

Actress Moon Chae Won played the part of Cha Yoon Seo, a doctor of two years with a bright and easy-going personality in the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Good Doctor’, inspiring a warm energy into the small screen. She would pat her junior, Park Shi On, who suffers from autism, and her fresh melodramatics with Shi On moved the viewers, thus leaving the drama with the affectionate label of ‘healing’.

Moon Chae Won has attempted a new character in every drama she has partaken in, such as ‘Painter of the Wind’, ‘The Princess’s Man’ and ‘Nice Guy’, and wanting to add to her filmography, she challenged the medical drama genre through ‘Good Doctor’. Chae Won met ‘Good Doctor’ among all of the other medical dramas, and fell for the charms of the humanistic character and story.

“I had no intentions of a ‘transformation’ through this drama. Personally, I just wanted to participate in a medical drama, but rather than a medical drama with a political sense or a manly feel, I wanted to be in a project like ‘General Hospital(Korean drama that aired from 1994-1996). There are usually two medical dramas that air every years, so even if I wasn’t able to do it now, I would be able to in the future. However, it would be difficult for an interesting drama like ‘Good Doctor’, focusing on a doctor afflicted with autism, to come out again. I was anticipating the unusual melodrama with Park Shi On, who had become a doctor, and I decided to partake in this drama when I learned that there will be parts dedicated to showing Shi On’s growth.”

In the drama, Moon Chae Won wore the doctor gown, tying up her hair as if she were absentminded, showing off her simple charms. Becoming drunk once again, she would spit out curses such as ‘Siberian husky’, showing off her acting that has taken more and more weight off of her shoulders. It was a new side to Moon Chae Won, who had mainly shown the audience her acting in which [her characters would] keep the pain on the inside. Chae Won said “Carefree acting isn’t either uncomfortable, nor was I unaware of it.”

“It isn’t that I haven’t tried to play a bright character that curses, but seeing as I have done many projects where the pain was relatively strong, it seems like I’m showing a new side of myself. In bright dramas such as ‘Please Take Care Of The Lady’ and ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’, cursing while acting wasn’t uncomfortable for me. When talking about that kind of acting, I wouldn’t say a character that becomes comfortable from one point to another without pain is comfortable. This drama had allowed me to realize that again.”

The melodrama between Moon Chae Won and Joo Won faded away bit by bit, being cautious like the spring rains that dampen the ground, but their relationship cleanly and faintly reached the hearts of the viewers. Due to there not being any melodrama developing between a senior doctor and her junior doctor who is afflicted with autism, it was tough for the two to express themselves. The scene where Yoon Seo hugs Shi On and confesses her love to him took over two hours in rehearsal.

“There is a scene where Yoon Seo confesses to Shi On where she states ‘I also want to lean on you’, and it was difficult. In other projects with a confession scene, I had this picture that would surface in my mind as we shot the scene, and it was good enough for me to work hard to match up with him, but it was different in this drama. It was a scene with only Joo Won and I in it, but it became a teaching session from Yoon Seo’s position, so there was nothing to do but for me to be on edge in regards to Joo Won’s ever-changing responses. We rehearsed a lot in order to give off the feeling of loving sympathy between a man and a woman as opposed to giving off the feeling of pity. I was very stressed, and I remember Joo Won telling me to do the scene comfortably. I discarded all of my complicated thoughts and shot the scene, and I feel relieved that I delivered the scene successfully.”

Recently, Joo Won revealed his first impression of Moon Chae Won, stating that ‘she looks cold, so it looks like I can’t become closer with her.’ In response to this, Moon Chae Won laughed and replied that “I heard this and it shocked me. There’s nothing I can do about this impression people have about me.”

“Last year during ‘Nice Guy’, Song Joong Ki said the same thing, so this time it bothered me, making me wonder why that was the case. (Laughs) Looking back, I was the last one put into ‘Good Doctor’, so I first met Joo Won as his character Shi On. I met him as he was acting through a sincere and earnest personality, so I was happy, so I was able to match up to him well and comfortably work. On set I would call him ‘Joo Won-ah’ while he would call me ‘noona’, and in the drama, my role was that of his senior while he had a role with an abundance of pureness, so I felt the difference between our ages was a lot larger than it actually is. I became a lot closer to Joo Won through acting twenty episodes of our love and hatred dominating our relationship.”

When asked about the disappointment of ‘Good Doctor’ ending, Moon Chae Won revealed “Instead of disappointment, my gratefulness is much larger.” The lines from the drama that penetrated Moon Chae Won’s heart are ‘A good person is a good doctor; a worried doctor is a good doctor.’ When asked what a good actor is, Moon Chae Won defined it as ‘An actor who strives to become a good actor and who worries, interlinking that with their heart that is also trying to become a good human,’ borrowing an expression from the drama. She has quietly let her process and effort reach others as she worries about becoming a good actor.

“What makes a good actor? One talking point can depend on the projects one has done. While acting as a doctor, it isn’t just that my thoughts about doctors have changed. I work with being a good actor as my target, but there’s always this ‘thirst’ that lingers. I ask myself ‘Aren’t I a good actor?’I want to become a good actor, but when I think that ‘I’m just an actor’, I feel distressed and disappointed. What I came to think through this work is that not every worker is striving to become good in their field. I learned the importance of good attitude, and that one should be thankful instead of dissatisfied. I had this part of me that was obsessed with the degree of completion rather than innocently enjoying my work. This time I strived to enjoy my work, the same with acting.”

While Moon Chae Won talks a little slow, she earnestly revealed her concerns about acting. We feel with conviction that she’s already a good actor, seeing how she endlessly asks herself over and over and grills herself endlessly in order to become a good actor.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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