Who Will Heal Han Hye Jin? [Part One]

20 Nov

Tomorrow you’re leaving Seoul to head to Jeju island?

I have to film for Healing Camp. I’m only going there to film for Healing Camp. It’s already the third time. Even if it’s for filming, it’s great since I get to see the sea. In the past, I went on a trip with my friends, and we spent all day in the water as there was no one at the beach, so I was very happy. Every time I go to Jeju Island, I think of that time.

I didn’t know that Healing Camp had become such an important program to you, so I have to apologize.

At first, I didn’t have any interest in it. It’s original name is ‘Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy?’. I thought the name was strange. There wasn’t much response to it, so people around me thought I was doing it for nothing and even worried about me, but I’m fine. I originally have the type of personality of no matter what I do, if it doesn’t turn out well, I think there’s nothing I can do to change that. However, ‘healing’ has become popular, so haven’t we hit the jackpot?


Are you the type to give up easily?

When I’m waiting on some project and even when I hear the news that someone else decided to do it, I think “Ah, it must be that person’s project. There’s something else I can do,” without getting distressed. Also, people forget the things that don’t turn out well for them. Therefore I don’t worry. Last year I did a drama but people didn’t seem to notice that much. Haha.


Thanks to Healing Camp, at least year’s awards, we didn’t see you for the acting grand prize, but for the entertainment grand prize. It looked like you really enjoyed yourself.

I have no idea why the entertainment grand prize is comfortable and good for me. There’s something uncomfortable and awkward about the acting grand prize. I see it as the time I spent at the entertainment awards flying by.  It was like a real festival.


In an actor’s life, the first thing that arises is a show one is attached to, so how is it?

At first, it feels like going to work. Sometimes I want to spend a month or two just to myself, but there’s a recording once a week, and the schedule has to be a fit for the guests. So no matter the time, it’s like that. Ah, I need ‘healing’…


Haha. I was curious. Who can heal you?

In the future, how should I do it? This thing that I drag and push, is it the right thing to do as an actress? I continuously worry about it. My job is acting. Is it right for me to just act? Appearing once a week is awkward and burdensome. if the bright image I have as an MC and the image I have in my works become too contrasting, I worry that it may impede the audience in immersing themselves in the work.


So, have you found that answer?

Nope, I still don’t know. However, I know that the things I have gained through Healing Camp will last forever. I learned from the guests, as well as from the team. Especially Lee Kyung Kyu, who treats me very well. I call him “Senior~ (sunbaenim), and if I treat him as if I’m his daughter, his heart opens right up. It’s not just me, he passionately takes care of everyone on the Healing Camp team.


Only the name contains ‘healing’, as the recording is very difficult…

It really tuckers me out. Just one recording requires about 12 hours of filming. There are times when I’m sleepy. When I watch later, my eyes look like they’re dead. I don’t have any “aegyo fat” under my eyes. When I watch the broadcast later and see my eyes sunken like that, there are times when it surprises me. When honest people appear, the recording is fun, so I’m fine. When honest people appear, the response is great.


Do you remember who was the most honest guest?

It was Lee Hyori. It was so interesting that the scenes that were edited out were worth saving. The response was very good, too. Cha In Pyo was also the best guest. I realized that this was who we were pursuing. I think that the episodes with Cha In Pyo were the turning point for Healing Camp.


If you were to become a guest, how honest would you be able to be? Have you ever thought about this?

I have thought about this. Could I be 100 percent honest? I don’t have the confidence to do that. However, it’s evident that I would be very nervous. It seems to be very difficult to talk about yourself in front of others. All of the guests must have been in a very nervous state.


How does it feel to go from always being the interviewee to the interviewer?

Now I have become comfortable as an interviewer.


I’ve heard through other reporters that you are a kind interviewee.

Really? I’m very curious. When they are interviewing other people, to what extent do they know how to answer?


Isn’t asking questions difficult, too? Don’t you have the position as the ‘rapid-fire interviewer’ on Healing Camp?

Asking questions if very difficult. I have realized it, too. This question you’re asking me now is right, to decide that my answer is ‘no’ is the most difficult. However, instead of asking what I want to know as a viewer, I think about what I have to ask, and as the only female, I have to ask from that position as well. That is my role on the show.


Has there been any incidents where you later regretted asking a guest a question?

There have been a lot. Their heart closed up by asking one wrong question. It took a long time for them to open up their heart again. It seems like actors in particular open up their hearts later. I can definitely feel more sensibility and sensitiveness from them. That’s why actors are the most difficult guests for us, however, actors are the ones that we can get the closest to confronting.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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  1. Wendy November 24, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the translation!!


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