Lee Yeon Hee of ‘Marriage Blues’, “What is the standard for an actor’s external appearance? For him to have nice skin!”

22 Nov

“This is interesting. Meeting highly individualistic people and creating a movie is exciting!”

It seems as if actress Lee Yeon Hee is correctly looking into the water, having her hidden brilliant talent surface, and she is enjoying it to her heart’s content. Though the image of Lee Yeon Hee being the girl with a perfect appearance as if she were the protagonist of a comic book is still there, it’s clearly evident that something has changed.

In the movie ‘Marriage Blues’, which opens on the 21st, Lee Yeon Hee advanced to the next level on the inside, and she thoroughly enjoyed working together with people and acting in this movie. The movie depicts that marriage blues that hits four couples a week before their marriage, showing the ups and downs during the worst moments of their lives.

In the movie, Lee Yeon Hee plays the role of Somi, who is a nail artist and the lover of a star chef, Won Chol, who enjoy a relationship of seven years where they are more comfortable with each other than with their families, but their hearts don’t flutter when they see each other anymore. Yeon Hee talked and laughed by stating “This is a role that I’m able to express due to the character being the same age as me. Gathering up all of these highly individualistic actors in one place and the process and expressing things and the atmosphere was really enjoyable.”

You have had a lot of luck with your co-stars. Hyun Bin, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun, and now Ok Taecyeon.

Did you know that I didn’t choose any of them (to be in the projects)? Ah, that’s good. However, acting with a new actor and synchronizing with them are factors, but their appearance and level of popularity aren’t important. The results of the synergy between the two are important, so it is indeed true that I was very lucky. I spend time with Taecyeon as if we were really great friends of the same age. Whenever I see him, I get the feeling that he’s smart and an energizer. In one word, I would say that he is ‘intelligent’. No matter what situation he is in, be clearly knows his own role, and he’s very understanding. Due to being very busy from his singing activities, he worries by saying ‘Will we be able to face each other earnestly?’ However, what’s the fuss? Although he is extremely busy as a 2PM member, when he returns as an actor, the atmosphere quickly changes, and I can feel the passionate energy from him.

Lately you have been freely talking about marriage and proposals…

If you’re a woman, you naturally dream about proposals all the time. Next year I’ll be 27 (in Korean years), so I can say this naturally. I’ve enjoyed myself while doing this movie. In my former projects, I would be immersed from beginning to end, so people became burdened with me, but this time I mingle with people with individuality. It’s the first time for me. I like the fact I’m able to show myself off as a character my age more than anything else. I even thought ‘I can do well’.

For an actor, what kind of person should they be?

My oldest sister got married, so I gained a brother-in-law. It’s good. My brother-in-law is originally reliable and trustworthy. I’m the same, so when I think about actors, I think the first thing they need is something like religious faith. They need to be there with you every weekend. As for their outer appearance, it’d be good if just their skin was good. Haha. As an actor, think of yourself as a celebrity. Since it is a field well known to them, I worry about the imprisonment becoming more severe. On the other hand, I can understand it as being the same job, so I’ve had the thoughts that it would be good to study each through acting.

Go Ara of the same agency is appearing in Answer Me 1994.

I’m sincerely happy. As Ara films this drama, she is exchanging (views, etc.) with talented actors while acting. It looks good to enjoy yourself working with good actors. Of course, I’m enjoying ‘Answer Me 1994’. Of course I enjoy the phrase ‘Bang!’ that appears in the drama. It’s better that I have been able to act for a long time with honest feelings.

I can feel that you’ve become much more comfortable. In MBC’s ‘Gu Family Book’, you were a lot different.

To be honest, I have no confidence in doing historical dramas. That’s why my company has asked for me to receive scripts for historical dramas when I get older. To be brief, I couldn’t dream of it. I received the script for ‘Gu Family Book’ and said ‘I’ll do it’ and ‘I won’t do it’ repeatedly dozens of times. However, I met the director and writer, and in front of them I told them I couldn’t do it since I didn’t have faith in myself, and as an actress, that hurt my confidence. Still, I sought out those two to hear their opinions. I’m someone who follows the advice of others. Haha. I was touched by the confidence they had that they could make me do well, so it was refreshing and okay. They asked me if I desired to have Suzy’s role. I told them no. I was more drawn to the role that I was assigned to play from the first time I read the script.

You have acting controversies. Your pretty appearance and the fact that you have taken the protagonist role since your debut has brought out the jealousy in the general public.

Movies were fine back in the day, but as my roles were getting bigger in dramas, the amount of parts that I could handle were exceeded, and I honestly couldn’t handle the attention I was getting at such a young age. While acting naturally, I was very nervous, and it seemed very difficult to know that side of myself. Upon seeing that I was receiving so much attention, I didn’t know how to overcome it. It’s especially true as the energy between movies and dramas are different. [In dramas], I have to quickly figure out how to do something alone. Now that I have felt it, it seems like I have found the breakthrough that I was incognizant of that will allow me to do well.

You’re active as the model of an expensive beauty product, so aren’t people around you envious?

The best advertisement for female celebrities to do are beauty product advertisements. Despite that, there are times when I become a bit sensitive as the model. I always have to be perfect. While looking at Kim Hee Ae, who I model with, there was a time I was in extreme awe and said ‘You thoroughly manage your skin!’ Is it her secret method of dealing with her skin? Of course there is a big influence from the beauty product, but when one is stressed, they have to manage their skin very well. You must avoid binging or drinking alcohol that will break you down physically, and isn’t it good to avoid food made out of flour and fatty foods, too?

When times are difficult, how do you overcome obstacles?

I do it with my friends. Although family is more important, family is a reliable group of auxiliary troops, so I don’t end up talking about the difficult situation very well. However, some time ago, my father sent me a message that said ‘When it’s difficult, don’t suffer alone!’ When I saw that, the tears started pouring out. Even though I hadn’t talked to him much about my problems, I had the feeling that my dad knew everything. Now I have been acting cuter towards my dad.

Although you have debuted over ten years ago, you haven’t been in many projects.

I seem to focus on just one project. While I am working on one project, if someone were to give me a script for another project, I would refuse to read it. It’s impossible to multi-task in this area. Although there are many people who can do several things well, I prefer to focus on one thing at a time.

Any plans for next year? If there are any genres you wish to attempt, please tell us.

I’m extremely busy. Although I know it is important to try to do everything during this important and beautiful time, I want to take a step back and since it feels like I have to graduate, I plan on going back to school. (Yeon Hee is in her fourth year, first semester at JoongAng University in the acting department). It’s not that I won’t be acting, I’m just thinking about my studies more. Starting next week, the filming for MBC’s ‘Miss Korea’ lies ahead of me. The script is very interesting. I’ll give it everything I have. As for the genre I want to do, an assailant character is good, and how about playing a woman who has hatred for men? I want to attempt a thriller that will give people goosebumps.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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