Moon Chae Won “It Would Be Great If The Hasty Drama Market Slowed Down A Bit”

2 Dec

Actress Moon Chae Won is a greedy person when it comes to acting. Through her greed, Moon Chae Won is just one of the actresses who has attained success on TV and the big screen. Moon Chae Won is an actress in her 20s who possesses both the attractive power to make people defend their remotes and strong ticket power through such works as ‘The Princess’s Man’, ‘Nice Guy’, ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘War of the Arrows’. Actresses occasionally suffer from a few acting controversies, but Moon Chae Won is indifferent to them.

I met Moon Chae Won recently at a cafe in Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. For a while she mainly played tragic characters who were pressured by others, but on the recently wrapped KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Good Doctor’, she enthusiastically played a totally different character, the energetic and bright pediatric fellow of two years, Cha Yoon Seo.

“This time I played a role where I lead from the role of a leader. To be honest, to actresses, the preference of doing a medical drama is fading. However, I wanted to eventually play the role of a doctor once. The synopsis for ‘Good Doctor’ matched the desire that I normally have for playing a doctor. There are many parts where Cha Yoon Seo comes into contact with Park Shi On, who isn’t normal, and because I thought that this was I story that I would be able to use, I ended up appearing in the drama.”

Moon Chae Won, who has certainly acted other characters, would never shake her head ‘no’ when it comes to the opinion that nice roles are easier to act. The evidence that Moon Chae Won went through great pains to keep alive the bubbliness that Cha Yoon Seo possesses is clearly evident.

“While it is difficult to get into character for a protagonist that harbors pain in a dark drama, on the other hand, I have never felt it was easy to do so in dramas that weren’t dark. However, in past situations, I had no choice but to concentrate until the finishing moment when it came to not being able to let go of the character’s nervousness. However, in the bright ‘Good Doctor’, it was difficult to wait for the time when Yoon Seo’s body and heart would become comfortable. While I gladly filmed many cheerful scenes, there wasn’t one thing that was easy because certain elements like an actor’s effort and worries, and matching up with your colleagues are important. It is always difficult to become free in front of the camera.”

Moon Chae Won has worked endlessly to improve, from Se-ryung of ‘The Princess’s Man’, Eun-gi of ‘Nice Guy’ and Cha Yoon Seo of ‘Good Doctor’. While doing this, she didn’t miss any time to self-reflect on what it is to be a ‘good actor’. It has been an extremely long time since the majority of people have recognized the good acting that Moon Chae Won has shown, and she reveals the fact that she has already known this fact like this.

“It’s hard to see oneself become established as a good actor quickly within one to two years. If I get that concerned, I’ll suddenly think “Aren’t I good actor?”, and occasionally there are definitely times when I am boring and lethargic. There are many moments where I pitifully feel that I personally am endlessly dissatisfying, frustrating and disappointing. If this time of psychological strife didn’t exist, my progress would be slow. However, it recently felt like I have been facing filming with a heavy heart using this kind of method. In this regard, I was personally enlightened that I need to be thankful and acknowledge myself.

Moon Chae Won even made a strong statement about the drama watching social conditions. Last year at the ‘Nice Guy’ drama presentation, Moon Chae Won confessed “The viewers only need to watch episode, and if the decide not to watch it, that’s fine. Dramas unfold differently from movies by foregoing the meetings. There are things that exist that don’t appear right in front of you, and there are also stubborn parts. There is a burdening feeling that the early episodes have to come out well. It’s difficult for me to endure that week.”

“I thought ‘Did I make a mistake?’, but in that official place, I thought it was good to talk with some conviction. Whether a drama is 20 episodes or 50 episodes, in every aspect there are stories that [the writer] wants to be told. Naturally what you’ll show in the first two episodes is absurdly short. However, from a certain moment, the drama commercially changes, and we start to want it to be an issue and the center of gossip between people. That’s why there are a lot of stories in the first two episodes. From a viewer’s standpoint, they have the desire to watch a good a drama, and when the drama isn’t good, they can criticize it, and after seeing the first two episodes, I don’t think they are critically deciding the quality of the drama. If by looking at us from one aspect, lumping all the actors, writers and staff together and curse them, well, we’re people too, and it’s natural for us to cower. If people watched through a kinder eye, watching for the quality of the product and the good acting to unfold, it definitely won’t be a loss for them. Anyway, I don’t think it’s a declaration when it happens in such a short amount of time. Even if they happen to praise it, I hope they don’t see that as the end of it.”

It’s reasonable to expect that there will be dissatisfaction with rash decisions. However, those viewers are Chae Won’s reliable auxiliary troops. Chae Won, who longs for a carefree viewing attitude, extends her gratitude when it comes to the viewers.

“What I feel is that I have attained a position of receiving love from the viewers. It surprised me that there are many ‘eyes’ that persistently watch me. The level of awareness about me has risen, but I don’t feel that people think ‘Since it’s Moon Chae Won, we’ll unconditionally give her our trust and love’. I feel that people are watching me with a kinder eye than they did a few years ago and because I received help from the viewers, I have met good projects. Therefore I’m thankful, and I think that dramas are made together with the viewers.”

In an entertainment circle suffering from a dearth of actresses in their 20s, Moon Chae Won has firmly positioned herself. However, there are still actors where Moon Chae Won has to look up to. If that’s the case, is the alias that captures her ‘The Princess’s Man’? Next I asked which actor she wanted to work with.

“Rather than the intent to act with someone I want to act with eventually, I want to act and match up with an actor I like and respect, which would make up closer. There are a lot of opportunities to match up with people in the same field as I’m in, but just from feeling close to another actor, it seems like I could gain a lot learning from them. In the future, all of the actors I choose will be my seniors. Not long ago, I enjoyed watching the movie ‘Hwa-yi’, as Kim Yoon Seok’s explosive power and energy stood out. Also, in the movie “The New World’, Hwang Jung Min’s acting really left an impression with me. Choosing those two isn’t a love call to act with those two, but those are the two I want to become the closest with.”

Moon Chae Won is hoping her next project will be a movie after successfully wrapping up ‘Good Doctor’. As her face hasn’t shown brightly in movies relative to dramas, I was curious as to the reason why Moon Chae Won wanted to dip her foot into an unfamiliar field. As expected, it was her greed for acting.

“On the big screen, there are actors with attractive power, and on the TV screen, there are actors with appeal. That’s why I want to put myself up to the test. I’ll know what I fit later on. I have this greed that wants to take me here and there, all for the sake of my development.”

Moon Chae Won said that she wanted to go on vacation after spending those busy days with filming for the drama. Moon Chae Won, who has received healing through the comfort of her normal life, will have the joy she feels from seeing people of other cultures living their lives become her vitality. This is the Moon Chae Won who has been under the fascinating lights. The woman who is anxious to act well in the present has relayed her wishes, saying she wants to be a normal girl who feels happiness when she hugs her mom, who is washing the dishes, from behind, and to search for life’s qualities inside of a normal life. After she catches her breath and meet the trivial everyday life, she’ll look to see what side of herself she’ll show in her next project after finishing her vacation, and we all will await the activities of the glamorous yet ‘normal’ Moon Chae Won.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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