Who Will Heal Han Hye Jin? [Part Two]

3 Dec

[Note: This is the second half of the Allure interview. Part one is here.]

26 Years seems to be a special movie to you in several ways. During the preview, that nervousness or self-respect must have been thoroughly felt. It was a movie where the audience got a scoop on the production.

When I only think about ’26 Years’, I’m really displeased. That’s why I haven’t even thought a little bit that the movie did well because of me. I only had the thought that “This movie must do well” from the beginning. Everyone who participated in this movie was pitiable, but also proud. I thought it would be great if everyone working made some money, and at the very least would feel great about working on this movie. I heard that the end result was that 2.95 million came to watch the movie. That’s very relieving.

Originally, a low-budget production was supposed to be difficult? Anyhow, you were the only actress there.

It was very hard for the staff.  Compared to them, it felt like nothing to me. On the contrary, for the first time while filming this movie, I felt that the filming location was a very happy place. Before this movie, the filming site was a battleground for me. I was always nervous, but while filming ’26 Years’, I always wanted to go to the filming location.


I heard that your agency tried to stop you from doing ’26 Years’ though you had firmly decided to do the movie in the beginning.

I’m very stubborn. Even my company knows that once I decide to do something that I just won’t yield so easily. Also, the company representative says that actors are weak-hearted when it comes to things they want to do. He said “Of course you have to do it.” People have to give opportunities to people who want to do something, regardless of what that something is.


I’ve heard that you were extremely nervous when you first met director Jo Geun-hyun. Is that the truth?

It was last July, and I really heard nothing from the director. I thought “Ah, I have to do this” while the director thought “How am I supposed to get her on board?” In the beginning, the director looked at me as if I was spunky, so I tried hard to break that image he had of me. However, to tell the truth, when I do a project, I am an actress that is very dependent on and obedient to the director. In the movie, I was the one who practiced the script the most with the director. Later when the director sees this interview and sees that it’s me, he’ll remember calling me “completely docile.” If you get to know all of the actors of ’26 Years’, they’re all docile.


Did you act the character the way you originally thought the character should have been acted?

A lot changed. What I think is trivial, as I’m not the type to let my ambitious side come to the surface. My voice has always been low pitched. I even said my lines in a relax manner and while doing it slowly, but the director had different thoughts. However, that’s serious, so even if trivial things are like, the ‘extremes’ will fall further behind. I speak faster, raised the tone of my voice to make it faster, and even changed the way I speak so that it is in a spunky manner. Since that isn’t what I had originally thoughts, and it was pretty burdening, but as a result, the director’s thoughts were right.

Was your rhythm with Jin Gu good?

Right? I told him that later we should do a melodrama together. We matched each other well. He’s always docile. He behaves like a macho-man, so when we’re acting, he matches his rhythm to mine. You have no idea how much he worked for his role. His effort to practice his accent…he’s the best partner I’ve had.

Between the carrot and the stick, which one would make you run?

I’m definitely the type that needs the carrot. If I’m reprimanded, I become timid, so I can’t even do the things I once did. The director must have known that very well. He never gave one word of praise to Jin Gu. However, he only have me and Seulong compliments. However, later on in production, he started giving me sincere compliments.


At the end of last year, your father passed away. You must have had a lot of thoughts. It’s a loss that no one can console you on and it’s sad.

It’s sad from time to time. Sadness from time to time is still sadness. I have to be continually sad about it. I live by eating well, doing everything and laughing as if it were a normal day.


Aren’t there also times when you don’t fully realize it?

Even while it seems like my father is still at the hospital, when I see the chair he used to sit in or the items he used to use, I suddenly tear up. Right here, from the center of my heart, the tears flood. It seems like the time it takes for me to transition from being this sad to slowly becoming better is getting longer. Despite this, I’ve even had the cruel thoughts that these emotions will help me with my acting down the road.


It’s the actor’s destiny to portray all of the human emotions.

I have thought about a lot of things when it comes to my life, my family, myself and my job. There are a lot of people that I’m thankful for that came to the funeral home, and while I was wearing mourning clothes at the cemetery, there were people glad to see me and they asked my for autograph. Seeing something like that, I knew what my life was. I had a lot of thoughts rush to mind. I didn’t even have the thoughts of my father’s death becoming a news story. Family members were saying that my father was becoming popular and that he would have liked that.


If you experience something big like that, they say it grows deeper, and that may be the only good thing about a loss.

I was really moved when people who I didn’t even think of came to the funeral home. I thought that I must live well, and that I have to be with people when they are happy and even when they are sad. Only people who have had such experiences will know that. “I’m very thankful, so I have to keep living well, right?” When families gather, they say things like that. When there’s a major event in one’s life, everyone says that. I have come to know the meaning of that statement.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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