Han Chae Ah “Drunk Acting; I Truthfully Filmed In A Tipsy State After Drinking”

26 Dec

“I drank in front of Choi Myung Gil and ended up acting…”

In the recent KBS 2TV drama, ‘Mirae’s Choice’, Han Chae Ah perfectly assimilated into the role of a cute reporter brimming with charms. However, due to the low ratings, the enthusiastic performances of the actors didn’t gain a lot of attention. Han Chae Ah didn’t get frustrated during the middle of the drama, but through her [Seo Yoo Kyung] own method, guided Mirae’s hope, and showed off her success by having a talk show named after her, drawing attention to herself. In some cases, some are praising Han Chae Ah by saying that this is ‘Han Chae Ah’s Re-Entrance Into The Spotlight’.

Han Chae Ah chopped off her hair after ‘Mirae’s Choice’ finished airing. Han Chae Ah, who changed to short hair after a long time said “All of the emotions in my life are tied to my long hair. I wanted a drastic change, so I cut it short. It wasn’t a change in my mind. Though my mind is strange, it is refreshing. I have no regrets.”

Han Chae Ah explained that “Though it is disappointing that the ratings were low, the atmosphere was really good. Though it is natural for actors or staff members to feel the pressure, everyone was cool about it and focused on working hard at the filming site. Jung Yong Hwa, who acted opposite of me, has a really nice personality, so we were really in sync. Though he acts rashly and plays jokes, when it’s time to film, he suddenly transforms, and it’s nice to see him focus like that. He’s a junior that I’m very comfortable with.”

Han Chae Ah also relayed some episodes she had with Choi Myung Gil, who played the older Mirae. Han Chae Ah confessed that “It was really difficult because I had scenes where I had to act drunk. The viewers who watch the drama would definitely be able to see whether I’m really drunk or just acting drunk, and that was very burdensome. So I actually drank some alcohol and filmed the scene.”

She confessed “I drank a glass of wine and two cans of beer and started filming, but I was gradually becoming sober. So I put some alcohol in a glass and gulped it down, waiting while on standby. While waiting, I told Choi Myung Gil the truth that I drank alcohol, and she ended up laughing. Thankfully she complimented me after watching my acting. After that, it seemed like she took better care of me, and I’m thankful for that.”

Han Chae Ah said “This was the first time that I drank during the middle of filming.” Han Chae Ah, who normally takes great care of herself, quits drinking the moment she starts a new project. Han Chae Ah confessed “When I drink, my body naturally becomes tired, and through that alcohol, I feel like that messes up my acting. I have thoughts of not having my thoughts scattered, so I avoided alcohol during filming.”

Han Chae Ah is currently looking for her upcoming project. She’s leaving her options open and is thinking of which project to choose.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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