Park Bo Young “Smoking While Acting For The First Time, Harder Than I Imagined”

17 Jan

Park Bo Young of “Hotblooded Youth” decided to take a surprising acting transformation by playing a high school iljin (term for bully).

Park Bo Young, who normally has curiosity for new characters, received the scenario of ‘Hotblooded Youth’ before ‘Werewolf Boy’ opened in theaters. Though she hadn’t ‘met’ the high school iljin Young-sook even once, the character enthralled Park Bo Young and she decided to appear in the film. If one were to compare Young-sook to the feeble Suni from ‘Werewolf Boy’, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is a shocking transformation.

On January 16th in a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, Park Bo Young revealed her anxiousness that she was possessing about her upcoming movie in an interview with Newsen. She stated “I wanted to look as wicked as possible, so I gave it my all, but I don’t know if my acting was good. I haven’t heard many impressions from my friends. I’m a bit worried and nervous.”

‘Hotblooded Youth’ is a romance movie that takes place in 1982 in a farming village in Chungcheong-do. Director Lee Yeon Woo, who received praise from literary critics for his 2009 movie ‘Running Turtle’ directs this movie. This movie contains the hottest stars in their 20s, Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young, as the protagonists, and the powerful cast is completed by Kim Young Kwang, Lee Se Young, Kim Hee Won, Ra Mi Ran, Park Jung Min, etc. The four protagonists that wear school uniforms, Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Se Young, form a love square, raising the interest in the movie.

Through this movie, Park Bo Young curses with a thick Chungcheon accent and smokes, playing a so-called tough character. Is she the same slender and cute Park Bo Young that we all know?

Park Bo Young revealed some info behind the scenes by stating “I had concentrated on filming for three months and had gotten used to the scenery. On the contrary, I even thought ‘Isn’t Young-sook a weak character?’ Cursing and smoking are all difficult, but smoking was particularly difficult. I didn’t mind it at first since I was drawn into the scenario, but the day before filming, I heard that it was necessary. After hearing that, I rashly prepared for it.”

Park Bo Young, who is a non-smoker, stated “I strived to do it naturally, but I had a real hard time in my house. Even lighting up wasn’t easy. There’s even a scene where I throw the cigarette butt, and I kept having to throw it and pick it back up. Though I decided on a movie rated 15+, despite smoking scenes appearing in the movie, the direct smoking scenes were edited. For my swearing lines, every time I had some time available, I practiced, but my sister would ask ‘Is there’s something bad going on?’, as there were many times I surprised her,” she said while laughing.

Young actors in their 20s Park Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk lead the movie together for two hours. Though people may find her 180 degree image change to be unfamiliar for the most part, there’s nothing to find fault with in her acting ability. Park Young-sook of a farming school in Hong Sung met Park Bo Young, allowing Park Bo Young to be reborn as an even more charming person.

(The reporter talking) “While watching the movie, I was curious about your actual school life,” and Park Bo Young responded “It’s extremely normal. At the time, male students of the same age liked ‘mature’ female students, so my nickname was ‘choding (kid, child)’. (Laughs) I had a lot of boyfriends, but I wasn’t the type that was popular. Like Young Kwang in the movie, I never had a boy that liked me and followed me around.”

Among actresses of the same age, Park Bo Young is an unrivaled Chungmuro Box Office Queen, starring in movies such as ‘Speedy Scandal’, ‘Don’t Click’, and ‘Werewolf Boy’, and she hasn’t had any failures in the movies she has starred in. Park Bo Young stated, not forgetting her modesty, “My luck is very good. I’m hoping for this movie to go past the break-even point. It would be great if this movie does well, but I’m not overly greedy about that. I would be thrilled if there weren’t any responses like ‘This is still too early for a transformation’.” (Translator’s Note: Chungmuro is basically Korea’s Hollywood.)

On the other hand, ‘Hotblooded Youth’ is a movie set in 1982 that is an ardent farming-village romance movie that shakes up Chungcheong-do. The movie depicts a dramatic storyline that alters the fate of four characters: Young-sook (Park Bo Young), the female iljin that takes over Chungcheong-do, Joong-gil (Lee Jong Suk), the legendary Casanova that captures the heart of women, So-hee (Lee Se Young), the ultimate pure girl who transferred from Seoul, and Gwang-shik (Kim Young Kwang), the best fighter that no one can topple. The movie opens on January 23.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview

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