Takimoto Miori Oricon July 2013 Interview

17 Jan

── Toshio Suzuki accidentally appeared on your blog. About your relationship with him, I think that it must be very frank.
Takimoto】 Ahaha (Laughs). It’s a photo from the time when I had the privilege of working with him the other day. I was honored to talk to him about various topics. He’s like a kind and very entertaining father figure. During post-recording, I had the honor of speaking with director Miyazaki, and though he doesn’t talk too much, he smiled the whole time, and his wonderful smile left an impression with me.

──What did you talk about concerning the film with those two prior to doing it?
Takimoto】 I can tell you that the movie depicts Japan from the 1920s, but the director said “All of the people of this generation had an upright way of living, and they had a clear way of thinking. It would be good if I brought out that uprighteousness and that atmosphere of people who lived attached to this Earth.” As for the role of Naoko that I play, she is a character who resolves oneself from the depths of her heart, but she has this strength from her core that she doesn’t show to other people. I’m sure that is Naoko’s ‘uprighteousness’, so that’s how I act her role. After reading the script, I feel that there’s commonality among all of the characters in the movie, but during this heroic age, everyone was living in vividly and sturdily. I feel that the people of this generation possessed some freshness and were quite strong.

── How do you feel about Naoko’s way of living?
Takimoto】 Although Naoko is sick, she continues to devotedly support her husband. I really respect her attitude. In one scene, there’s a line that goes “Living is a lovely thing”; Naoko said that without hesitation. Since she treats every day as important, I think that she comes out as nonchalant. However, I think that’s a very important line in the movie. Though I’ve never heard it first-hand from Miyazaki, wouldn’t he feel the same about that line?

── This time you are very moved about appearing in a Miyazaki anime yourself, but wasn’t there pressure to go along with your fighting spirit?
Takimoto】 Since I received the role, I decided to fight on, as my feelings were strong that this was a movie that could shake the hearts of many people. However, there was no pressure. Truthfully, I have the personality that doesn’t feel pressure no matter what project I do (Laughs). I try to be as natural as possible in my scene, carefully striving to bring out the emotions that gush out at that moment and the feelings that arise from the situation. Since I bear that in mind, I ended up with having that type of personality before I even knew it. I’m the type who doesn’t feel nervous when performing, as I’m the type that, compared to others, tie my intentions together and fight to see them fulfilled (Laughs). That’s why this time, I feel that my personality is similar to Naoko’s personality.

── So being natural/(relaxed) in a scene is important to you. As an actress, who influences you?
Takimoto】 It’s Fuji Sumiko. Though she has impressed me in her movies, her attention to the surroundings of her scene and her way of connecting with people is very amazing. However, she shows off her frank face to others. She’s an actress that makes me believe that “I want the years to pile up for me in that same way”.

── Outside of her performances, the way she carries herself is amazing. Now, after finding out that you view scenes as important, there’s one more question to ask. Finally, please say a message to the people who are going to see this movie.
Takimoto】 This movie shows off the wonder of living, and it gives people the bravery and hope that “I can do it since I am living”. Even though the setting of the movie differs from our life, those of us in the current generation can definitely sympathize with these characters. I would be happy if each of the viewers feel the positive energy coming from the people of that (former) generation who live sturdily.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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