Oh Yeon Seo “Even If You Work Hard, The World Doesn’t Agree With You”

18 Jan

Living as an actress in Korea isn’t something to look down at. If the same incident occurred from an actor and an actress, the eyes zeroing in on the actress will be colder. However, they are people in which the lights shine upon them to the same extent. Therefore many people dream of actresses.

Oh Yeon Seo recently held an interview with Newsen during her break after the MBC drama ‘Medical Top Team’ finished airing. She said “Acting is good. I receive this feeling that I am living [while acting]. Though I would naturally feel the same pleasure of living if I was doing another job, but I feel alive while I act.”

Despite that feeling of being alive, [the reporter asked] Oh Yeon Seo about the difficult times, and she revealed “When it’s the most difficult…It’s hard on the body, but when it is also hard mentally. We continue to stay up all night filming and my body aches, and despite working hard, the world doesn’t revolve as I desire…It’s also hard when I crash against the wall.”

She added “Though I want to run away, running away is something that I can’t do. I only have to do my role. My character gets criticized, and if I don’t properly express my character, I get criticized, so I have to take responsibility.”

Oh Yeon Seo revealed her view by stating “However it’s a good thing, as whenever someone completes doing something like that, getting praised and hearing that it’s good is wonderful. because of that, I think there are people who I gain strength from, so I keep working.”

Though it has been 12 years since her debut with a long break in between, Oh Yeon Seo holds a grateful attitude towards her own career.

Oh Yeon Seo revealed “Although I debuted early, I didn’t even act regularly, as I normally attended school during my break. Debuting at an early age for a short period of time felt lucky to me, but I felt like I used up a lot of luck there and rest for a long time. Hearing that’s it’s been 12 years feels like it’s been a long time, but I attended school, enjoyed my school days and lived normally, so there are a lot of times where I don’t feel like it’s been a long time.”

She relayed her disappointment by saying “On the contrary, I think those experiences really became a help to me. I experienced a lot of things, such as chatting with my friends and drinking coffee…I had to give up on those ordinary things, so when I see my friends, my heart aches.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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