BESTie’s Haeryung “I’m Worried About Sexy Concepts Since I Have Too Much Aegyo”

19 Jan

“Only my body is big, as I still feel like a baby.”

Recently, there’s a girl group member receiving attention for a sizzling photo shoot picture. There’s an exciting picture that has captured the hearts of many men, featuring a girl with a mature body not befit of her age to age along with her innocent and cute face as she stares at the camera. The protagonist of that provoking picture is the maknae Haeryung of the group BESTie, which debuted last year.

Haeryung has been busy recently. Owing to the intense love from male fans, Haeryung has been busy because she’s the model of a mobile soccer game and an MC on a variety program, leaving her to take on a schedule with no time to rest. With no way to just leave out the ‘Rising Stars’, the reporters of Sport Seoul personally met Haeryung.

Early in the morning on the 17th, the reporters met Haeryung in a small cafe on Garosu Street, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and Haeryung came in wearing a short skirt and sporting a fresh smile. She played with her cheeks, saying “I had my wisdom teeth removed, so my face bloated, but her cute smile made this languid cafe brilliantly light up. She gave off a considerably different feeling from the sexy model we saw in the photoshoot.

‘Sexy’ Haeryung?… “Once You See Her, She’s A Very Cute Maknae”

Throughout the photo shoot, Haeryung made cute expressions by blowing air into her cheeks. Though she seemed coy and haughty, the whole time she was laughing and showing off her aegyo, leaving me (the reporter) embarrassed on the inside. Haeryung, who was being over-talkative, told the embarrassed reporters “I’m BESTie’s maknae! I’m in charge of the cutness in the group!”

“I’m the youngest in the group. I can act like a baby and show off my cuteness to my unnies, so I have a lot of strengths. Honestly, the members in the group in charge of being sexy are Dahye and Yuji (Laughs). This is a secret. Yuji has the best body in the group!”

Haeryung wore a red headband to match her cute eye smile, and as she twisted her body, she kept on talking bashfully. This young girl sitting in front of us is totally a different person than the sexy girl receiving attention for her photo shoot pictures.

“That fashion pictorial? Hahaha. I was also surprised when I saw it. However, the company representative was more surprised than I was. Especially when he looked at the negative comments below the picture, he became hurt over it (Laughs). His hands were trembling as he was looking at his phone. When I look at the picture, it looks like I’m not wearing anything but stockings. I received a lot of criticism for taking such an exciting/risqué picture at such a young age.  I was wearing pants when I took the picture…they must have edited it a bit. I didn’t expect myself to come out this risqué either.”

While looking at her own pictorial photo, she said “It’s still amazing. The photoshop was well done,” opening her eyes widely and revealing her unexpected worries about her sexy image.

“Honestly, I’m not a sexy woman. I have an extraordinary amount of aegyo (Laughs). However, I suddenly became 21 years old. Seeing as I’ve received attention through a sexy concept, I am worried. Having to stay as the cute maknae, I intend to act like a baby and act cute to my heart’s content, so I worry about not being able to be sexy.”

The ‘Well Off’ Haeryung, The Number One Bestie To Her

Recently, Haeryung has been handling a busy schedule that has her running around without any rest. Next month a mini album from BESTie is coming out, but she is active in several fields as a game model, her acting activities, and the MC of tvN’s Comedy Big League.

“Truthfully, I first debuted as an actress before debuting as a BESTie member. I was an acting trainee for JYP Entertainment for six years. It’s been over three months since I started as an MC. At first I was very nervous and it was difficult to go up on a stage that proceeded like a live broadcast, but now I have become close to the older gagmen, so it has become fun.”

Though Haeryung has a talent in various fields, she ‘threw a proverbial punch’ as she lifted her voice and said “However, BESTie is the most important thing!”

“All of those different activities are fun for me, but BESTie is the most important to me. I have a lot of attachment towards all of the members, and we have worked hard to prepare. We study everyday and exchange ideas…we are ‘Passion Idols’ (Laughs)! I heard that BESTie came in 3rd place in survey of groups to anticipate in 2014. You don’t know how happy we were. Honestly, the reason I’m working so hard in my activities is to get BESTie well known. I want to make good music with my unnies while being together with for a long time.”

Though Haeryung smiled and showed off her aegyo the whole time, making her seem young, she gave strength when explaining things about BESTie, appearing to be energetic and mature. We asked her what her goals for this year were before she went off to do items on her schedule with her members.

“I want to become the Haeryung that approached people through a more friendly image, and I’ll become your bestie. I want to show a more bubbly version of myself that stands out more. I’ll also beautifully hide my sexy image inside of me. Ah! Give me roses on Coming-of-Age Day! Then I’ll reveal a little bit [of that sexiness]. Hahaha!”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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