[Mature-dols BESTie①] Haeryung, In Charge of Shooting Mature Pictorials, ‘Advance of the Maknae’

23 Jan

BESTie is a rookie group that released three singles last year. The team made up of four members prepared for over seven months for their debut. The members individually invested over ten years of their lives to become singers.

What is the percentage of people that are able to debut as an artist, as for every person who dreams of becoming an artist, there are an estimated 1,000 people who become trainees. BESTie’s maknae Haeryung stated “When I was in sixth grade, I started my life as a trainee, and fulfilled my dream of becoming a singer after seven years.”

Last July, BESTie debuted with ‘Pit-a-Pat’ and followed up with ‘Love Options’ and ‘Jjang Christmas’, being active in the second half of last year without any rest. Even though they only sleep two hours a night, it’s Dahye true feelings of wanting to work harder that come out. “Next month we’re releasing our first mini-album. We have one sound source, and without anyone knowing despite many of our friends [entering the studio, we recorded the mini album], and continuing to be able to do our activities is a blessing.” Therefore while looking like they don’t envy anyone else, these two do the ‘sole daughter of a rich family’ pose, and work as soon as they stop talking. Dahye stated “Lately I have been enjoying the ‘Nuryeo (Enjoy)’ corner on ‘Gag Concert’. When Park Ji Sun says ‘Mom, do you remember the abuse my face has taken?’, the audience erupts in laughter, and for myself to enjoy things, I have this strong resolution to work that hard.”

Haeryung stated “No one knows how someone enters a place. I have the resolve to do whatever the general public wants.”

As for the opportunity for the rookie group BESTie to shoot a pictorial, it started with Haeryung’s acrobatic pose in a men’s magazine. Haeryung wore black stocking and lifted her butt towards the sky as far as she could, and that wasn’t common. The 20-year-old Haeryung who looked pure swallowed her saliva in regards to her reversal. Therefore, Dahye, with the glamorous charms that directly counter Haeryung’s charms was cast in this pictorial.

The two kept on laughing in a weird manner as they posed, as this sincere group’s days ahead seem to be bright. These ‘hungry’ idols want to take care of their hunger as soon as possible. Now it’s Haeryung and Dahye’s “How To: Rookie Girl Group Suspension’.

Q. As the team’s maknae, you seem to be in charge of shooting mature pictorials.

A. Haeryung: Is this the ‘Advance of the Maknae’? (Translator’s note: It’s a play on the title of the popular anime ‘Attack on Titan’/’Shingeki no Kyojin’, in which the direct translation is ‘Advance of the Titans’.) Heuheuheuheu. Though I don’t have the best body, the opportunities keep coming in. Truthfully, that pictorial I shot with the stocking put me in a state of mental distress. The draft and the actual pictorial were extremely different. I’ve been asked a lot if I wasn’t wearing anything under those stockings, but I was actually wearing pants. Later, they made it look see-through by using Photoshop.

Q. Is the twinkling of your eyes dim?

A. Haeryung: It was like that because I was in mental distress. Heuheuheu. I was in shock when I first saw the clothes, so the male staff members did that pose as an example, and from that moment on, my mind was out of it. I had to follow it exactly, and the writer said that men like that pose much more. My knees really hurt and I was out of my mind. That’s why my eyes were the way they were. I learned how the pictorial world was through that experience and learned a lot. The second and third shoots [with different clothing] were interesting.

Q. Dahye’s poses aren’t very common either.

A. Dahye: We’re the ‘mature-dols’. Hahaha. My upper body isn’t well developed, but my bottom half is well developed. It’s been a complex since I was young. I have seriously eaten a lot. When I was attending school, I would just sit down and study, and I would gain weight. However, that weight all went to my lower half. When you look at me from the back, I look like a fat foreigner waddling and walking. When I was younger, I wondered why my butt and hips were so big. I thought my body was strange, but after losing some weight and slimming down, I’ve been praised for my waist.

Q. Is it alright for a rookie girl group’s sexy image to solidify?

A. Haeryung: Well…At first, rather than a sexy image, we came out with a gentle girl-next-door image. Our group name means ‘best friend’. We friendlily approached the public with a bubbly image that stood out. However, after doing that pictorial, our group name shows up in the real-time search rankings. We’ve had many proposals to do pictorials similar to our concept. If the general public wants this kind of image, we have to be excited by it and do it. We have to get BESTie’s name out there.

Q. Did you accomplished your intended goal?

A. Dahye: From our debut, we’ve had lofty goals such as winning Rookie awards. We have our fantasies. We have the desire to win awards, but as we have done our activities, we’ve had to look reality straight in the face. We’re very lacking. Awards are good, but if we have the determination to go forward and really get our names known. Since we didn’t receive the award last year, we have the opportunity to win the Rookie Award, right? Isn’t that the case?

Q. You’re very modest, but since your debut, there have been talks of you guys being the second Sistar.

A. Dahye: (While waving her hands) Ehhhh? No. We’re alike in that we’re a four-member group and we have the same dance instructor. Our composer is the same person. Therefore we’ve heard a lot that our songs have a similar style to their songs. To us, Sistar is a group that we don’t dare to follow. They’re a really sexy group. Our image is of a more bright and cheerful manner.

Q. No one knows how their work will turn out.

A. Dahye: While that is true, Sistar are our role models and idols. Will the day come where we will really be like Sistar? I feel like crying just thinking about it.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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