[Mature-dols BESTie②] “Direct Sex Education, We Were Taught At Our Agency”

23 Jan

Haeryung has a pure and coy smile, and after sitting down, she would continue to laugh during these odd conversations. Dahye, who is like Pocahontas, had a motherly smile whenever Haeryung meandered like an octopus and smiled. “Though she’s the maknae of the group, she has worked hard to get the BESTie name known. That’s our Haeryung. It took some time until the completion of the pictorial of the two hugging each other. Their smiles infected everyone on set, and only after everyone cried just a little bit were they able to control the atmosphere on set again.

Q. Since when did you have the dream of becoming a singer? Haeryung was a child actor.

A. Haeryung: When I was in 6th grade, I entered the JYP training team as a trainee. I was there for about six years. It was very fun. There was a clinic in the same room, and I was able to regularly visit there once a month. I used restoratives, and I continued to take pills there, and when it became wintertime, I would get an influenza shot. There are a lot of great things there. Ah, there’s also psychological help there too. We would receive consultation once a month, something like mental care. They would give us advice and put us under hypnosis, and there was a mental program that all of us would gather up for once every three months. They would fire up a powerpoint slide and talk about psychology. They had captures of variety programs, and whenever a certain things were said, they taught us which psychological state it was. They also gave us a lot of books. I learned a lot there.

Q. You were even ordered to learn sex education at the agency. Is that true?

A. Haeryung: Hehehehe (While falling) That’s right. That’s right. They taught us very directly. It was really fun. Rather than learning about it at school over many years, this was much more useful. It feels like practical knowledge that we could use in real life. There was even a time when the artists and trainees all gathered together for sex education lessons.

Q. Why did you become a singer after receiving acting lessons?

A. Haeryung: At that time, we received singing training together with our acting lessons, and when I was an acting trainee, I wondered why they ordered us to take these singing lessons. However, the JYP acting team disbanded, and after coming out of that, I wanted to continue learning. I was there with Yuji, BESTie’s main vocalist, and I asked her if she was going to try out singing and to which agency she was going to go to. There, rather than the lessons being set out for us, we had some autonomy, and I wanted to practice things like dancing. Instead of just wanting to debut, I wanted to sing together with Yuji. Whenever we finished creating a choreography together, it was fun. I felt a sense of accomplishment. Then I ended up debuting when I was 20 years old.

Q. Dahye, how long have you had the dream of becoming a singer?

A. Dahye: Since I was very young, I vaguely had the dream of becoming a singer. I would but cassette tapes and at the market, I would sing and dance. However, I wasn’t living in Seoul, as my home was in Incheon. I didn’t know what I had to do, so it was just a dream. During my third year in middle school (grade 9 overall), I entered SM Academy. From my second year in high school (grade 11), I went from agency to agency. With good luck, I ended up entering the company that BESTie is under.

Q. You guys aren’t attending university?

A. Dahye: I really want to go to school. But while preparing to become a singer, I had to do activities. When I can faithfully study for university, then I’ll have to go then. Only after that will no one be damaged by my decision. I have postponed going until I can enjoy school life, but when I have free time, I do assignments to the best of my ability. When I was in high school, I had to commute from Incheon to Seoul, so it wasn’t good on my body, so I was always sleepy or sleeping at school. All of my teachers remember me as the student who slept a lot. I slept more than the boys did. My relationships with my friends are just so-so, and I still have a lot of emotions built up. I really want to enjoy university life.

A. Haeryung:. I also really want to attend university. But I have the same thoughts as Dahye. Since we have to do activities, I can’t go right now.

Q. We can also see Haeryung as an MC of ‘Comedy Big League’.

A. Haeryung: I’ve been doing it since last August, but it was an unexpected opportunity. At first, when it wasn’t my turn, I even put my mic down. When I went into the parking lot, I had the feeling that I had committed a crime, and when I opened the door and entered the van, I didn’t even remember one thing that I had memorized earlier. Now should I say that I’ve gained the freedom to wink? I was expected to do a lot of studying. While doing ‘Comedy Big league’, I’ve made comments and whenever I go in, I learn a lot of things, such as when is the right time to do something. Back then, I used to consider ‘Comedy Big League’ as a variety, but now I accept is as a documentary.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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