[Mature-dols BESTie③] Dahye’s Surprising Confession “I Have Weighed Over 65 Kilograms Before”

7 Feb

There isn’t a shortcut that allows rookie idols to get their name known. Unless you’re from a juggernaut agency like SM Entertainment, it’s that much harder. One has to use their body and reveal ‘national-representative’-level ability on a variety program, gather the elders and appear on a talk show, miraculously receiving praise of being ‘beautiful’, or get your name known through social networking sites. Whether it’s through the radio, performing for the troops in the middle of winter, or performing on an outdoor stage where it’s so cold your skin is cracking, you have to give it your all. No one knows when and where you’ll explode to popularity.

Q. Dahye went to the Idol Olympics, right?

A. Dahye: Ah, I went as the team representative during the special Chuseok broadcast. I really practiced hard for the high jump, and my record while practicing was really good. I went over 1.45 meters. It made all of us excited, saying that I would win first place if I could replicate that. When I saw the camera spinning around, I became very nervous. That’s why I even failed at 1 meter. While I was sitting in the stadium, I started crying. I had to pretend that I wasn’t, but I had a mental collapse, so the members of my team stood around me [to block others from looking at me]. For running, my score in the preliminaries was good, but I couldn’t go to the finals. I underwent harsh hazing rituals. I had some pain from practicing the high jump, but I used about 30 pain relief patches and grinded through it. After it was over, I met the members of my team and wailed at the top of my voice. Haeryung was the one who cried the most. However, we all went this time for the Lunar New Year broadcast. This time after a full recovery, will there be any high jump I can’t conquer?

A. Haeryung: At the time, we were all sitting down with tears in our eyes. Dahye did really well during practice. The personal coach and our company president all said that she would win first place. Seeing Dahye’s eyes full to the brim with tears made us all cry too. However, we did aerobics this time. Since the BPM was so high, we’ve been losing a lot of weight. We’ve been doing a lot of different movements. However, we’re practicing with all of our might.

Q. Has there been a time where you lost more weight?

A. Dahye: I used to be a beach whale while I was studying, weighing as much as 65 kilograms (Haeryung at Dahye’s side strongly sympathizing with Dahye). Lately I’ve been eating a lot since I have to practice a lot. I’m on the level of a food fighter, and our team are ‘shik-shin-dols’ (idols who eat a lot). Not long ago on days when I was in a good mood, I was on a program where we were eating Korean beef while shooting an interview program. I couldn’t help it because of work, and after saying that I’ll enjoy eating it, I finished it off in about 15 minutes, sincerely shocking all of the staff members. I ate stew, cold noodles, Korean-style raw beef, and sashimi. Since we were eating while having an interview, I couldn’t concentrate. The store owner said that since we eat well, it would be good if we called him the next time we were [in the area]. Eating this well makes me happy, but since I have to diet, it’s distressing.

A. Haeryung: Hehe, on that day, Dahye left me to eat. But Dahye really eats a lot. It was the first time in my life to see a woman eat that much. If Dahye entered a hot dog eating contest, she really could win first place. I’m the type to eat a lot of small meals. When I’m feeling really gluttonous but can’t eat it all, just ordering it all makes me feel good. I don’t know if it’s bad luck, but I have a constitution that just doesn’t gain weight. When I eat 12 meals in a day for a month, I only gained three pounds. The group’s wish is to go out on the program ‘Shikshin Road’.

Q. Upon doing activities, it seems like you guys will receive a lot of ‘dashes’.

A. Dehye: Yeah. First, we just have to do really well. There are a lot of similar groups out there. It seems like we won’t receive a written ‘dash’.

Q. Rather than there not being any, does it just seem like there are none there?

A. Haeryung: We members haven’t really talked about that. When we’re doing very well, all of us will be okay with dating, but first we have our hands full trying to get our name known. I really have no thoughts about dating right now.

Q. Then who is your ideal type?

A. Dahye: For me it’s Yoo Jae Suk. If I were to just pass by him once, I wouldn’t have any other wishes. He’s my ideal type. I want to marry a person like him. Ah, I don’t care too much about appearances. I like people with charming personalities or character. While most women like the bad boys, I just don’t understand that line of thinking.

A. Haeryung: For me, it’s Kang Kyun Sung from Noel. Back in the day I received a lesson from him, and in a tone that I like, he said ‘You all are a jewel sent from heaven’, and I thought he was really cool. I like me who want to admire me and use a sincere tone in their voice.

Q. Wow, he really said ‘Jewel sent from heaven?’. That’s making me squirm.

A. Dahye: I felt the same way when Haeryung said that, making me queasy and criticizing her. However, we met Kang Kyun Sung at Music Bank, and I think I know why Haeryung is attracted to him. Just like a priest, he gave use words of blessing, and his charms were exploding. Our choreography coach said he saw Kyun Sung ten years and that he has never gotten angry, and I also like that kind of person.

Q. Although it’s hard to agree, I get your point. Have the number of male fans you guys have increased?

A. Dahye: Yes yes. At first, many of our fans were female, which honestly shocked us, though our fanbase is gradually changing. Whenever we release a song, it’s like we’re accepting a reward, as it makes me happy to see our fanbase increasing. At Christmas, we went to a performance of Kim Yeon Woo as guests and Jung Joon Ha recognized us first, so that was amazing. We have a fan from ‘Infinity Challenge’. It was a pitch-black place, but Jung Joon ha first said “You’re BESTie, aren’t you?’, and he was happy to meet us, which took us by surprise. No Hong Chul said he was a fan of ours at Music Core, and that he was happy to meet us. It would be great if our name was mentioned just once on ‘Infinity Challenge’. Heuheuheu.

Q. Don’t you have male fans because of your photoshoots?

A. Dahye: Hehe. Of course it’s also because of that. Haeryung, who has a pure image, goes out in a sexy appearance, garnering that much more attention. It’s a ‘reversal’. However, if it’s an image the general public wants to see, then we have to do it.

Q. Not long ago, the president of your company went on Facebook and uploaded an image of him receiving a certificate of appointment from the members, and he even wrote a lot of messages.

A. Dahye: Yes.  For one year he has worked very hard for us, so we wanted to do something for him, so we made that. The president asked “Am I being appointed?” while laughing. We joke around a lot with our president, so we’re close with him. One time we called him ‘father’, but that made him jump, so he asked “Can’t you call me oppa?, causing all of us to fall down.

Q. You have to earn a lot of money and marry off your president.

A. Haeryung: Will he not be able to get married because of money? Heuheuheu. We quickly have to rise and introduce him to a good woman, as that seems to be the first thing we need to do.

President Bang Yoon Tae, wearing a mustard-colored half-coat, suddenly walked into the studio. Of course, he can’t become someone’s husband. However, Haeryung and Dahye who laughed to death, went over to him with delight as if they have seen their own father.

“Our president’s concept today is Kim Tan (the character played by Lee Min Ho in ‘The Heirs’). Mustard Kim Tan. Hahahaha.”

The agency’s president chemistry with the singers looks very desirable. This year, you’ll be able to grow rapidly, BESTie.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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