Jeon Hyosung “I Injured Myself The Day Before Recording Stunt Cheerleading for Star King”

19 Feb

Jeon Hyosung revealed the behind stories related to her surprising stunt cheerleading on ‘Star King’.

Secret member Jeon Hyosung revealed in a recent interview with Newsen “Truthfully, I injured myself the day before the recording of ‘Star King’.”

Jeon Hyosung appeared on the February 1st episode of SBS’s ‘Star King’, she captured the attention of the viewers through her stunt cheerleading through her ability that just can’t be at the novice level. In the broadcast, Hyosung showed of her command of various skills, such as doing the basket toss, triple high split, and falling backwards through the air.

At the same time, Hyosung’s representatives revealed to Newsen that “For two weeks, whenever Hyosung had free time in her schedule, she practiced in the gymnasium with the cheerleading team” and “She was worried that she didn’t have a lot of time, but Hyosung did better than expected.”

Jeon Hyosung responded by saying “I guess I am good at using my body,” laughing as she responded. However, that statements differs from the fact that she said she injured herself the day before the recording.

Stunt cheerleading, just as the name implies, mixes risky and generally dangerous movies. Because of the danger, one has to practice for a long time to nail down the moves. The time given to Hyosung was just two weeks. For a novice, within reason, Hyosung had command over those movements despite the time she spent practicing being difficult.

Hyosung explained “Seeing as it was my first time, I didn’t think that I would be able to do well at all. When I was practicing, I raised my leg incorrectly and suffered an injury. I had to support myself with my arms, but I couldn’t do it” and “That was the day before recording. The muscles in my legs had a surprising appearance, so I ended up limping for a short period of time. It was very painful on the day of filming.”

On the day of the broadcast, Hyosung had a command of the skills and had perfect expressions, doing well to the point where she didn’t even notice the injury. After the broadcast, Hyosung’s stunt cheerleading shot up on the real-time search results on Internet portals.

Hyosung said “Those friends (stunt cheerleading team) saw my injury and said that it would be no good to do the performance. Despite the pain, I endured it. I decided to do it, so I wanted to do it correctly so that it would be good” and “Through this opportunity, I have the desire that those friends become a little more famous.”

Weren’t doing those high-level movements in the middle of the air scary? Hyosung confessed that she was extremely nervous, contrasting the bright smiling of her that was captured on the camera. She revealed “Honestly, I’m a person that is very afraid. Of course stunt cheerleading was scary” and “However, after having practiced, the desire arose and the thought of wanting to complete this ordeal came to mind. With the greed of wanting to doing something correctly, one can overcome fear.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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