Jeon Hyosung “I’m Playing A Ghost Though I Hate Ghosts…”

19 Feb

Jeon Hyosung revealed her inner thoughts about debuting as an actress through the role of a ghost.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jeon Hyosung confessed “To be honest, I’m really afraid of ghosts. I couldn’t even imagine that I would debut as the role of a ghost, which I despise and am fearful of.”

Jeon Hyosung, who always showed off an honorable and sturdy image through broadcasts, is afraid of ghosts. When asked if there was anything special that made her afraid, Hyosung explained “There’s nothing like that. It’s just that I have liked bright things since I was young. I have a compulsion towards bright things, and even when I watch movies, I mainly watch romantic comedies and skip out on action, thrillers, and horror movies.”

Jeon Hyosung is the in the middle of showing off her enthusiastic performance as the female high school student Han Na Young in the currently airing OCN drama ‘Cheo Yong’. ‘Cheo Yong’ is a detective drama about a detective named Cheo Yong who can see the dead, and he solves cases through the signs that the dead give him, mixing in the action, thriller and horror elements that Jeon Hyosung mentioned earlier. Hyosung said with laughter “With it being like this, it’s like people don’t know me.”

However, there are many things that changed while Hyosung filmed ‘Cheo Yong’. Despite preferring romantic comedies to thriller and being afraid of ghosts, Hyosung has come to think a little bit about the inside story of ghosts. Jeon Hyosung said “It seems like my attention towards ghosts or detective stories has changed. I used to only think of them as being scary, but now I think that ghosts have their own story, so I have even thought that their stories were depressing.”

What has changed does not only refer to ghosts. Hyosung said “I think that the detectives also have an extremely hard time. No matter how much effort they put in, and there are cases that end as mysteries due to several circumstances. I realize that detectives suffer a lot.”

How was the set of ‘Cheo Yong’ for Hyosung, who is afraid of ghosts? Despite expecting the ghost makeup for actors or filming in the middle of the night to be difficult, Hyosung said while later exploding in laughter, “It’s rare for an actor playing the role of a ghost to come out with all of their makeup done. They get the foundation moderately done, but after the filming, the CG fills in the rest of the makeup” and “Upon seeing the broadcast, it shocks me. The ghosts became that much scarier.”

Of course, there definitely wasn’t a lack of difficult aspects while filming. While doing overnight filming, Hyosung would sleep uncomfortably and there were plenty of times where she had nightmares. However, seeing as how she has gained a lot through ‘Cheo Yong’, she is grateful for appearing in the drama.

“Though all projects are like this, through ‘Cheo Yong’, I felt that people on many different levels were living the hard life in a place that most of us wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Seeing as how ‘Cheo Yong’ is a detective story, the material is diverse. To that extent, I was able to meet people of different levels/backgrounds, such as a cyber leader of a religious cult, foreign workers, and psychopaths. I really felt the pain that these people who even I don’t think about in a daily basis suffer in a place where they aren’t seen by others.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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