Jessica Jung, Miss Vitamin

21 Feb

I want to know what you did for the past week.

The past week was just a week of recharging for me. Actually, upon thinking about it, I didn’t sleep thoroughly at all. I went to variety shows here and there, did advertisement filming, and even shot a pictorial. In my spare time, I was preparing for SNSD’s Japanese album. There was a fashion event, so I even visited Taiwan for a bit. After saying it out loud, I realize I was very busy. However, there’s a day this week for me to rest. Whenever I get private time to myself, I don’t venture outside the house very much. Being inside my house is the most comfortable for me.

You even attempted acting in the recently finished ‘Wild Romance’, and is there an interesting genre outside of the singing sphere to you?

This generation of singers are entertainers. We can’t just sing. I think of it as an opportunity, and through that, I want to go ahead with a growing image. Though I still need to challenge many more fields, but right now, I can feel the charms of acting. I ended up experiencing more things through acting than I could have imagined. I want to experience more and learn more.

Talk about the cold charms you have that men like.

It seems so scary, so I like it. If I just say “Hmmm?”, I’m not such a scary woman. However, hearing that about me isn’t bad. Though I’ve heard plenty of times that I seem to have a cold image or look haughty, so the impression of me seems to be that way. Of course, out of the many sides of me that I have, I do have that image. The nickname given to me by my friends is the exact opposite. I’m called a ‘heodang (a person who isn’t serious and is immature)’ and a ‘genuine person’.

You are growing up from being a girl to being a lady, but you’ve said that you haven’t tried matchmaking even once.

That’s right. If I met someone through matchmaking, I wouldn’t know what to do, so if it were me, I would want to have a normal date. I would want to eat ddeokbokki in the streets and go to an amusement park. I can even ride things that scare me! However, what if my partner from the matchmaking was afraid of the rides? That date would be ruined.

It’s already been five years since you debuted.

Time flies by. Though I’m always thinking a lot, it seems the number of thoughts I have increased. I strive to be more cautious. Compared to before, the level of understanding I have about the people around me has increased. I’m striving to understand peoples’ tendencies and relationships that much more.

What’s the secret behind your styling?

Rather than wearing clothes exceptionally well, I think people like my style because I direct a style that many people can follow. Personally, I don’t particularly like the flashy styles. If you opened my closet at home, the majority of them would be normal clothes. I have a lot Oxfords with low heels, jeans and t-shirts, and many cardigans. Since the styles are similar, mixing and matching is easy, along with layering my clothing.

What if you received a fashion offer that matches the vacation spot that you want to go to this summer?

I want to go to Santorini in Greece. I think that’s a place that matches very well with the summer season. Have you seen the movie ‘Mamma Mia’? Amanda Seyfried, who appears as Meryl Streep’s daughter, is in a scene where she wears a white one piece and her messy blond hair flutters in the wind. Though that fashion is a bit out of date, I personally want to wear a white dress and walk around on that island. I think a baby doll concept with the Dolce and Gabbana Collection with Santorini as the background would go together very well.

Is there a special vacation destination that remains in your memory?

New York. Around this time of the year last year, I went there to have fun. I went to meet my friends in America and we ate brunch and had strawberry cupcakes coated with chocolate, and we walked around and went shopping. I thought to myself ‘This kind of thing is a break for me’.

Is there a picture of the future that you’re dreaming of inside your heart?

At some point in the future, I want to raise a happy family. Just like how there’s a lot of laughter in our house, there would be sisters who have a good relationship like Krystal and I do. Though, the first priority is to find this ‘happy me’. I’m the type of person who feels happiness in the little things. For example, if I eat a bite of something delicious, I’m the type that is happy as if I had procured everything in the world. Finding small happiness here and there will become a huge happiness in the future. This is my life’s goal.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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