BoA “Don’t Look At Me As A Girl, But As A Woman”

23 Feb

Bright weather finding us like spring coming at last. Leaving behind the bustling of the tree-lined roads, a bare-faced BoA appeared on the rooftop of a quiet and peaceful hotel. Whether she was going to break the silence of enjoy it, she greeted us and as soon as she placed her bag down, she started playing the music in her iPad. At least, she sat in front of the makeup stand, and upon looking at her thoroughly, her tan and healthy skin, slim body line, and delicate features really strike the eye. Lately her experience and intelligence have been shining, along with her womanly appearance. Just by looking at her the gleam in her eyes, she started chatting noisily with her staff members, but after ‘changing’, she become ‘cold’.

As a woman, when was your happiest moment and when was your loneliest moment?

Uhm, as a woman, there have been more annoying moments than happy moments. Haha! I have to administer this and that. It costs a lot of money. More than that, there has been a time that I have felt depressed all of a sudden lately.

How did you overcome it?

Hey, did I overcome it? It just became better. I watched interesting movies and listened to music. I even drank alcohol!

Did you know that your beauty look has become a hot topic?

Of course! I’m the type of person that has a lot of ideas. I usually decide on my clothes and then match my beauty look to my clothes, but when there are times I want to attempt certain hairstyles and makeup styles, I’ll even match my clothes up to those stylings. Lately I have gained interest in makeup again. Originally when I was young, I had become used to the helping hand of experts, but because of my overseas activities, and upon seeing that there were many situations where I had to do my makeup alone, I had to learn how to do makeup to some extent. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. When I listened carefully, without myself even knowing, I would just say “Ah, I give up! I’ll just get my makeup done at the shop.” That’s what mainly came out of my mouth.

How did you take care of your skin?

I’m running around with my skin. When I have a free schedule, I don’t put on any makeup. Since my skin is sensitive, I choose gentle makeup products to use and take care of my skin mainly through supplements. In the evening, I must wash my hair and then go to sleep. I hate things staining my pillow, but the scalp flakes makes my skin not good.

How did you take care of your body?

As you saw earlier, I eat very well. Since I eat very well, it’s difficult on the staff around me. Haha. As for exercise, I go to a fitness center and mainly work with weights. Sweating profusely after exercising makes me feel good.

In the future, what image do you want us to look at you through? 

Just look at me as how I appear. Up until now, people say that I shine more with my strong image as a singer rather than as a woman, but now people can look at me through a comfortable image. In my upcoming album, there will be many different sides of me that come out.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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