Sunmi “The Sofa Performance in ‘Full Moon’ Reflects My Ideas”

3 Apr


Sunmi revealed the behind stories connected to the sofa performances in ‘Full Moon’.

On February 21st in the waiting room of KBS 2TV’s Music Bank, Sunmi revealed the behind stories regarding the activities of the ‘Full Moon’ title track in an interview with Newsen.

Sunmi stated “When thinking of a vampire, rather than a sexy and alluring image, I strived to show a pure and cute image,” and “In the Swedish movie ‘Let Me In’, I got inspiration from a child vampire.”

Truthfully, it’s common for male idol groups to have vampire concepts, but it’s okay to say that there are hardly any vampire concepts with girl groups. Naturally, this vampire concept has to be special to the public and also to Sunmi. Sunmi stated “It’s definitely a different feeling. When going up on stage or filming the music video, there’s no evident feelings about it. I think that’s what is good about it.”


Sunmi’s ‘Full Moon’ stage is sexy while she also does a glamorous sofa performance. Whether she rests or prostrates herself on the sofa, she increases the satisfaction one has while watching her various choreographed moves. ‘Full Moon’ is full of its own charms, differing from her debut solo song ’24 Hours’. Sunmi let us know that the sofa performance was one of the ideas she put into the concept.

Sunmi revealed her satisfaction by saying “In the bridge of the song, there’s a part where I go up on the sofa and walk. That was my idea. While the soft music was playing, I thought walking on the sofa fit the music very well, so while we were filming the music video, I offered that idea to the director. After that, it became part of the choreography” and “This choreography is something that I really like. It’s very good.”

Especially through this modification, Sunmi became a victim of a sexual controversy. Her current situation is that she is of course number one on many online charts, going against the current music trend. Sunmi added “Although there is a part that people are sensitive to, we modified the choreography right before my first stage. After this, I became thankful that many people accepted the song without any form of repulsion. My activities will continue through this choreography.”

‘Full Moon’ is another song that reminds of us a coming-of-age ceremony upon the heels of ’24 Hours’, and it is a song produced by Brave Brothers that is topping the charts. Sunmi’s transformation into a vampire in the music video is especially causing an explosive sensation.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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