Beautiful Actress, Lee Na Young

22 Jun

“Since both my body and mind are healthy, I think that a person who is able to deliver that energy to the people around her is truly a beautiful person.”

Not long ago, a picture of your body being compared to an ordinary person’s body lit up the internet. Did you know that?

Truthfully, that’s a three year old picture.

That was a capture from when I was filming Runaway Plan B. People saying that I have a ‘computer graphics body’ secretly makes me happy.

You have the secret to maintaining a mannequin body. If you were to tell us what’s the ratio between heredity and effort (in maintaining your body).

6:4? Right now it’s great timing to be thankful to my parents.

What are the things that are relevant to the effort in maintaining your body? 

Getting plenty of sleep, regularly exercising, and having good eating habits seem to be the most important. If you don’t sleep well or are lazy in your eating habits, you’ll definitely see some flaws [in your body]. If you carelessly do these three things, you won’t only get problems with your skin, but it will influence all of your body. You also need to have more interest in flexibility. In order to maintain flexibility in your body, you must do weight training. It’s hard to expect flexibility from starving yourself or just doing aerobic exercises. Seeing as how I think that that all sports are good, if you obtain the opportunity, you should want to play as many sports as possible.

On your official fansite, your favorite foods are spaghetti, ddeokbokki and ramen. It seems like you only eat salads. Is it true that you like those foods?

I really like ddeokbokki. When I’m on set, the item on the menu that makes me the happiest is ddeokbokki. I also enjoy sweet desserts. I especially like dark chocolate. Therefore on days when I have to film for a long time, I’ll bring dark chocolate or a chocolate protein bar with me. It allows me to forget that I’m tired and hungry while improving my mood.

When you suddenly want to eat “kimddeoksoon” (a micture fo kimchi, ddeokbokki and soondae” on the street…

I pull down my hat and yell out “I want one kimdeeoksoon!”

What do you do in your free time?

I like dancing. One of them is the pole dance that many people remember. I was learning the dance before my CF filming, but my dance teacher that I have known for over ten years positively suggested it. Outside of that, I think that various dances create a beautiful body and it seems like a great help, so I work hard on my dancing.

Your pole dancing CF was impressive. When I thought about wanting to learn it, the thought of me doing it never came to mind.

The pole dance is a very fun exercise that is helpful for muscular strength and flexibility. The strong point is that it’s different from the large muscles you gain from weight training as it gives you small muscles all over your body. Since it’s just one form of dance, you’ll even gain flexibility. Doing the pole dance with music makes it so that it’s not boring. If you wish to develop elasticity and flexibility, pole dancing is an exercise worth doing.

What does the word “beautiful” mean to you?

I think “beautiful” means that the mind, the thoughts, and the body of one is healthy. One’s lifestyle and their thoughts and feelings of the moment will show up on one’s face. I think that if I meet a healthy person with a good heart, and that my things accumulate in our relationship, the situation will show up in that person’s face. That’s why I try to think as many good thoughts as possible, and I plan on meeting healthy people with good thoughts.

What items do you put in your bag when you go out?

Handcream, Ko Won Hye’s Travel Brush, Genifique Eye Light Full, and the Genifique Mask when I go to a filming set.

Are you the type that enjoys spraying perfume?

I like fragrant grass more than perfume. I don’t use perfume every day. I recently used Lancome’s La vie est Belle perfume on a filming set, and the bottle was pretty and the fragrance was unique. More than anything, I like the name that means “Life is beautiful.”

Many male actors of various ages picked you as the actress they want to do a project with, from 20-somethings Onew and Lee Jong Suk to older actors such as Yoon Sang Hyun, Yang Joon Hyuk and Kim Eung Soo. What do you think is the secret to your popularity?

I’m just thankful. I feel like I have to use this opportunity to express my thanks!

Looking at your filmography, there hasn’t been any characters that you almost didn’t do. In the future, what kind of character do you want to act as?

If there’s a scenario that I like, and if I come to like a character through the scenario, I’ll spend a lot of time worrying about the scenario and even the director and then decide. Though I haven’t done many roles, I believe I have played characters that people will remember for a long time. If there’s an opportunity, I would like to play roles such as a country girl, a vampire, or a character in a fantasy movie.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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