Shin Se Kyung, Blooming Temptation

6 Sep

Translation here on Soompi.

Due to contractual obligations, I cannot reproduce anything I have translated for Soompi onto Hallyu Interview. Therefore, in these articles, I would simply like to talk about the content of the translations. Don’t worry, the site isn’t dead, it’s just that school, club activities, GMAT preparations (which will be CPA exam preparations once I enter graduate school), networking, learning golf in order to network, and translating for Soompi takes up just about all of my time. I do have some interviews that I want to translate, but bear with the slower schedule. No one has ever volunteered to help me, so this is still a one-man show.


What I like about this interview is that Shin Se Kyung is that it is similar to this interview that she did with Marie Claire¬†earlier this year (and I’m still slowly working on that translation). Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but sadly I don’t get to do it as often as I would like because I am usually reading textbooks for school and news articles to keep up with current events. However, I enjoy reading those as well, but fiction novels and comics/manga are my favorite things to read. Seeing a celebrity enjoying reading seems very unique. There are other celebrities such as SNSD’s Seohyun and actor Yoon Si Yoon known for being studious and bookworms, but aside from those two, I can’t name any other celebrities that I know that actually read. Many celebrities seem to have the same few hobbies (music, exercising, etc.), so it is nice to see someone like Shin Se Kyung have reading as a hobby.

I know a lot of drama fangirls like to rag on Shin Se Kyung, but I believe that Se Kyung’s voracious reading will allow her to improve as an actress in a different way. Through reading so much, Se Kyung will develop a better ability to analyze what writers are conveying through the characters of a novel. From what I have observed, many Korean actresses start becoming much better once their reach their mid-20s and Se Kyung is reaching that mark by being 24 years old. I hope the reading pays off for her in any way.

Meanwhile, Tazza 2 is out in theaters and Iron Man/Blade Man premieres this week on KBS 2. It’s going to be very busy for Se Kyung.


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