Kim Yuna, the Difference Between a Girl and a Woman

20 Sep

Kim Yuna’s pictorial and interview that she recently did with fashion magazine Elle has become a hot topic. Elle met up with Kim Yuna, who is no longer the figure skating queen, but saying that she’s a normal and fresh 25-year-old girl is something new. After retiring in May, Kim Yuna has seemingly found some breathing room in her life, and Elle revealed all of the small talks that Kim Yuna shared with Elle.

Kim Yuna gave her thoughts on retirement, stating “As I don’t exercise [any longer], nothing hurts and I am at peace psychologically. Since I don’t have a job now, there’s absolutely no stress or pressure.” As she said that, she realized for the first time that her body became “free.”

When asked how she does her shopping, Kim Yuna responded “When I was an athlete and had nothing to wear, I would hesitate and wear whatever was lying around, but lately I buy what I want. I think ‘I’ll wear it eventually!'” While on one hand it is unexpected to see Kim Yuna so enthralled with shopping, she is just like any other 25-year-old girl as she stays up all night watching romantic comedy dramas. When asked about alcohol, Kim Yuna replied “I still haven’t made up my mind and drank yet. First of all, my face doesn’t turn red. According to my friends, they say I would be a good drinker, but as I haven’t had anything aside from beer, I don’t know why I even drank beer. It seems like I still don’t know the taste of alcohol.” She said this while showing a carefree and fresh side of herself.

In this pictorial with Elle, Kim Yuna wears a long, black dress and lets her long hair hang, showing off her matured image, and without losing her unique luxurious and womanly charms, she wears glossy blue pants with minimal coating.

In an interview with Elle, Kim Yuna stated that she wants to receive her driver’s license before entering graduate school, and she talks about her future plans and shows off her frank and bubble charms openly. You can see more of the pictorial and interview of the Kim Yuna who everyone will be more curious about in the future in the September issue of Elle.

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Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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