Takimoto Miori Oricon August 2013 Interview

22 Sep

── Takimoto-san, don’t you greatly dislike ghosts?

【Takimoto】That’s true.  Even during the “Sadako 3D2” preview, I was scared and removed my 3D glasses in an instant (Laughs). I was able to prepare myself for the scene I was going to come out, but I couldn’t for the other scenes. At any rate, when it became too much for me, my hands unconsciously moved towards my 3D glasses (Laughs).

──If you’re that cowardly, it is a magnificent feat for you to have played the leading role.

【Takimoto】Honestly, after I had decided on the lead role, there was a strong feeling inside of me of whether I could actually pull it off. However, I was able to calm down as I thought that it was an honor to be a part of such a large project, so my feelings changed to “I have to do it.” However, after I had received the script, it took quite a lot of time for me to finish reading it (Laughs). But the front cover was pitch black! It was a script that gave off a scary aura even if I just held it in my hand. So in the beginning, I would normally read the script alone. However, I wasn’t able to endure it for more than three minutes, so I would go to a cafe with a lot of people so that I would be able to read the script (Laughs).

── Were you able to finally finish reading the script?

【Takimoto】I did, three days before filming.

──You have introduced well how much you had to battle your fears. Now how was it after beginning filming?

【Takimoto】The scene was very fun. Director Hanabusa Tsutomu created a cheerful atmosphere in a merry manner. Whenever I had to get into my character, my personal feelings become those of the character, so every time during a scary scene I was genuinely scared.

── From the viewpoint of portraying Sadako, what kind of things were you aware of?

【Takimoto】Sadako suffered trauma in the past, and she became shy because of the trauma. However, I aimed to appear [in the movie] in a delicate way every time. This was the first time I had played a delicate character. In scenes one gets scared, peoples’ faces are created to be bigger when they cave into fear, but I think that I express myself to the maximum extent.

── Hirasawa Kokoro, who played the role of Nagi, has amazing intensity. In the scary scenes and the scenes where she is like a child, her face is completely different. I’m surprised about the breadth of her acting.

【Takimoto】Kokoro is a six-year-old girl, and she is a child who can clearly do an on-and-off exchange, but when she breaks from character, she’s a normal, cute girl. I was surprised that she was such a great actress (Laughs). There were many times that we were together between bouts of shooting, and Kokoro would bring her dolls to play with or we would go out to eat.

── In this movie, one point that is characteristic is that familiar items such as a computer or a smart phone becomes a “key”.

【Takimoto】Sadako evolves with the times. In the beginning, Sadako comes out from a cathode-ray tube, but in this movie, Sadako has come to even infect smart phones. After Sadako 3D 2 came out in theaters, I went back to watch the old series, and I thought to myself “Isn’t this interesting?”

──By the way, did you go get exorcised before filming the movie?

【Takimoto】Everyone related to the movie went. However, when we went, the Shinto priest fumbled with the title of the movie (Laughs). As we received an exorcism, I think we were okay.

──In addition, there are things such as Sadako’s curse.

【Takimoto】No, I think it was just that the temporary title of the movie at the time was hard to read (Laughs).

── (Laughs) By the way, when the movie is released to the public on August 30, that will be about two months before your birthday. While you are 21, are there things that you want to accomplish?

【Takimoto】Hmm, what should I say.  At any rate, I want to enjoy spending my time. I would be happy if I went on a trip with a friend.  I would like to go to Korea, even if it was through a “Dangan Tour.” I also have an interest in going to Europe, which I haven’t been to before.

──I heard the other day you went to Okinawa to film, so did you take that chance to go sightseeing?

【Takimoto】I did marine sports and parasailing. I love being up in high places, so I felt very good!

── So you’re not afraid of heights. Are you calm while riding roller coasters?

【Takimoto】I am completely fine. However, I can’t go to haunted houses.

── When you were an elementary school kid, did you do things such as a test of courage?

【Takimoto】All of the kids made a haunted place in the classroom, so that is why I became afraid (Laughs).

── So you’re a hardcore coward. However, you accomplished doing this movie this time, so have you become a bit stronger in regards to horror?

【Takimoto】I wouldn’t say I became stronger (Laughs). However, my images towards horror has changed. This movie wasn’t scary so much as the love between parents and children moved me. From the viewpoint of watching the preview, I received the impression of “crying”. That is to say that only this movie has me feeling this way. From now on, after having seen this movie, I think I’ll thoroughly enjoy watching it from this angle. To say the least, it is befitting that the 3D image and peculiar sounds become the appeal. I would encourage people to watch this movie with their friends.

── Finally, after this, do you have any intention of playing a role to scare people?

【Takimoto】I think I scared myself while playing this role (Laughs). My emotions were full while acting as Fuko. Truthfully, I am a very timid person!


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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