Jin Se Yeon’s Affirmation

23 Sep

The drama Doctor Stranger is atop of the Monday-Tuesday dramas airing and on the real-time searches, leaving the competition in the dust. The drama and Jin Se Yeon’s name rank high in the search rankings. Jin Se Yeon is the trend of the trendy drama. Jin Se Yeon’s appearance is bright despite having stayed up all night for filming and waking up early to come to the studio. The drama contains a story of a man who feels that both North and South Korea are foreign and his search for the woman he loves. In the drama, Jin Se Yeon plays the roles of Song Jae Hee, the girl Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) fell in love with in North Korea, and Han Seung Hee, an exceptionally talented anesthetist in South Korea. “In the first two episodes of Doctor Stranger, the drama contains the story of Hoon and Jae Hee escaping North Korea together. We spent a week filming in Budapest, Hungary, and it was the first time I filmed oversees, so it’s amazing. When we arrived, the director said ‘That is the bridge we will use to film,’ and just that made me happy. Europe’s landscape and atmosphere. I thought that I was filming in a really cool place.”

The majority of the drama in the beginning contains scenes of [Hoon and Jae Hee] running, being chased, and escaping. However, Jin Se Yeon had passion for her new project and she had excitement for being in an unfamiliar place, so even the trivial things were all good memories for her. “It seemed as if I was excited the whole time. There was a scene in which Hoon and Jae Hee were chased by North Korean agents as they headed towards to South Korean embassy, and Jong Suk obtained a motorcycle license in order to film that scene. However, it was still a scene pursuing a rookie driver. The others gave it their all chasing Jong Suk while he pretended to be laid-back. However, Jong Suk’s driving ability seemed to increase bit by bit. Later on, he was relaxed. Jong Suk was also nervous while filming and was cautious towards me, and he played a joke that wasn’t like a joke about us surviving and going back.” “Going back because we are alive.” Those words are like the promise between Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee. Those words are the emotional lines Jae Hee searched for that helped her.

In Doctor Stranger, the character Jin Se Yeon portrays, Song Jae Hee, is an important character that is vital to the story. At the same time, Jae Hee is a character with unknown charms hidden in a veil. The character Han Seung Hee is the exact same. This opportunity for one person to play two characters isn’t easy. Naturally it’s the first time for Jin Se Yeon. It could only be a burden having to act as two characters that are not alike. “The drama started and more people than I thought saw Jae Hee as a really beautiful girl. Song Jae Hee of North Korea was the only character of mine to show up in the first two episodes, but after that I played Han Seung Hee of South Korea. The love I received as Jae Hee was enormous, so I was relatively worried. I was really burdened by thinking that Han Seung Hee had to be as charming as Song Jae Hee.”

Jin Se Yeon was street cast and debuted when she was 19 years old. She showed off her clean and bright image consistently through various CFs such as “Next Road View,” “Sure Mineral Water” and “Lotte Fluttering”* (T/N: the names of the CFs may be incorrect, but they are literal translations.) Jin Se Yeon started acting in the 2010 drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl. “It was a coincidental debut. I was cast in front of my school and ended up shooting a CF. After that, I had opportunities to audition for other CFs, and with good luck I did well every time and shot a string of CFs. When I was in school, there wasn’t anything that I wanted to become. While getting the chance to shoot CFs and pictorials, I found that more interesting than what I was doing before. That was the first time I felt that. It’s the same even now. Even though I spend all night filming without being able to sleep, I enjoy it. I am happy while working, so I think that I will be able to keep doing this, so I am working hard.”

When one becomes 20, that is the age when the world becomes bright and one has to enjoy life. However, the reason why Jin Se Yeon is bright is not because of her age. She is good-natured and positive. Enjoying even the small things is something that one cannot learn to do. Though it has been a short time since she debuted, in that short time she has done many big projects. She has done it’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, The Duo, My Daughter the Flower, Bridal Mask/Gaksital, Five Fingers, and now Doctor Stranger. She has played characters more mature than her on the basis of age in the many works she has already done. The process isn’t easy at all. “Since I was 18 I have been playing adult roles, so I work hard to make myself like an adult, and because of that there has been a lot of parts that I didn’t match well. I worried a lot about my actions and manner of speaking to have myself seen as mature to match my characters as best as I could. I keep finding dramas with a similar role.”

Outside of dramas, Jin Se Yeon has an unusual experience in acting. She played the role of Alice in the play Closer. Closer is a movie in which Julia Roberts, Jude Law and Natalie Portman gave exceptional performances and the movie told a frank story about love. The movie shows the emotions of love of youth that isn’t hard to sympathize with that is also complicated. “When I first read the script, I had trouble understanding the script. I didn’t sympathize at all with the characters that were appearing. I found it odd that characters who liked each other would continue to meet up and break up. Even after watching the movie, I only understand about 80 percent of the movie. After seeing the transformation of the emotions expressed by the other actors, I finally understood it.” Alice was a totally different character than what Jin Se Yeon portrayed previously. However, portraying Alice’s inner disorder and her loveable, frank and rebellious appearance together wasn’t easy. It took time for Jin Se Yeon to understand her character, and she matched the character to her acting style to become Alice, so she worked really hard. That is why this play will remain in Jin Se Yeon’s memories. If a character like Alice was to appear in a drama, Jin Se Yeon wants to attempt that character again. All actors are like that, and Jin Se Yeon naturally dreams of [portraying] a new and fresh character.

Now Doctor Stranger has aired four episodes. The scripts for the first ten episodes have already come out, and the crew is filming episodes 6, 7 and 8 at the same time. It’s too early to talk about Se Yeon’s next project, but we asked her about her hopes for her future projects. “I don’t think I’m in a position where I can choose projects. So in the projects I have done, the roles weren’t what I worried about. With good luck, it seems like a good role that matched me came each time. Lately while reading synopses and scenarios, I become immersed without realizing it, and I have discovered myself enjoying this. Right now I’m not choosing between roles as I want to try them all. If I end up doing many projects, won’t my own natural color come out [in the characters]?”

Jin Se Yeon’s answer to the question is positive. The answer wasn’t impatient. It looks like Jin Se Yeon doesn’t need rash advice, as she is calmly filling out her filmography as if it were an answer sheet. Though she looks very young and nice, she doesn’t know her own youthfulness. The day that a “different” Jin Se Yeon finds that youthfulness that we can’t see will definitely come.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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