Sunmi, Talking About Her Solemn Beauty

4 Oct

A celebrity that announces a break has a lot of hard parts to overcome in the process of returning to the stage. Is it worth the effort, such as when trying to correct a train that has gone off the tracks? In this process, Sunmi has shot a flare as a solo singer, becoming known as Sunmi instead of “Wonder Girls’ Sunmi.”

Sunmi has made using term “idol” (for her) a disgrace by coming back with delicate and ample emotions that could melt the end of one’s fingertips by her appearance in which she completes a stage reminiscent of a play.

Sunmi, who talks about her restrained beauty as if she was hiding something, is a talented singer on stage but a very modest girl off stage in which she continually says “Thank you.”

Sunmi keeps blinking her light brown eyes, which are filled with mysteriousness, and showing her anticipation towards filming, and anyone who sees her has to keep his or her eyes on Sunmi just a little longer. In “Full Moon,” Sunmi profoundly displayed the difference between a girl and an adult female, making people wonder how a sexy singer has such a young-looking appearance.

Despite her young age, Sunmi showed off her directing abilities, in which she beautifully understands the heavy drama, at the filming scene.

The 23-year-old spoke with a gentle voice, but with overflowing energy when she said “When I work alone I am bright and overflowing with energy, but I become quiet when I am with other celebrities. I don’t worry when I am on stage, but I do worry a lot in variety shows and interviews. It’s because it is awkward.”

With every cut, Sunmi’s ability to create surprising output for each one makes one stop doubting why JYP made Sunmi his first solo female singer in 13 years after Park Ji Yoon. Sunmi’s “drawing paper”-like charms and her expression of her restrained sexiness makes one think of Park Ji Yoon of her “Adult Ceremony” days.

Sunmi announced her break from Wonder Girls, and if this were a hot season, a cold wind comes to find her like the time a human needs for a metamorphosis to occur. Sunmi shed her girly image and now has a mature image. Wonder Girls was considered the best group in Korea, and her path was apparent as she had the courage to put down the name she had as a member of Wonder Girls and go down her difficult path. However, the members give each other strength and are advancing down their own paths.

We delved deeper into the conversation as time went on. She used big hand movements while talking, and we could feel her purity that didn’t dirty and her positive energy. Also we ended up secretly wishing for Sunmi to reveal her true merit to the general public.

“Appearing in variety shows? I want to, but haven’t heard from anyone. It’s because my songs have weight to them. I like shows such as “Happy Together,” “Infinity Challenge,” “Running Man” and “Radio Star. I have the confidence to win through my strong mental strength. However, acting seems to be difficult for me,” said Sunmi as we could feel her firm volition and evident conviction.

In a question about a recent time where she was proud about, she chose a product from “Fashion King.” She said “In the beginning, I wanted to work with Logan of Mag&Logan. I feel like I covered up my awkward variety skills with a hearty laugh and with the elegance of the dresses I wore. However, I really wanted to collaborate with Yang Hee Min. We found a comprise, and we did it in an awesome manner.

“I like what my designing teacher said about my expression being like drawing paper. I grew the confidence to be able to show people more things in the future. “Fashion King” is a precious experience for me.”

In regards to her future plans, Sunmi said “There are no concrete plans for a new album, but it would be great if you loved my new appearance in the future,” doing enough to excite people in that she will “complete a denser picture” as a solo artist.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview

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