Why Did Shin Min Ah The Goddess Become An Ahjumma?

4 Oct

Shin Min Ah is a goddess that makes your mouth open just by looking at her, but she came back as an ahjumma with a voice that will make you plug your ears. She is an ahjumma that chases her husband from the front door to the bathroom to the living room to the main room while yelling at him, showing the ‘correct’ version of an ahjumma. She’s not the coffee shop owner who exudes a mysterious aura from her recent movie “Gyeongju,” and she’s not the cute ghost that one couldn’t help but love from “Arang And The Magistrate” either. In the movie “”My Love, My Bride,” Shin Min Ah disheveled appearance is vastly different.

Her face gets stuck in a bowl of jjajangmyeon, and she sings songs that she can’t actually sing, as she breaks away from the correct notes, and she disgraces herself in front of her first love. Shin Min Ah thoroughly destroyed herself becoming an ahjumma to the point where her goddess image is shattered.

What can she do about destroying her goddess image? We asked whether she had no worries about destroying her image, but were disappointed when she said she had to ruin the image even further. She said that she needs to appear in a funnier manner. She said it was disappointing that not many comedic scenes were in the feature presentation.

“On the contrary, I wanted to ruin my image more. I thought it would have been great if I came out funnier. I was disappointed that there weren’t many funny scenes. It seemed like the number of people that felt that Mi Young was a woman grew. There’s still disappointment that I didn’t ruin my image a little more. Anyhow, I knew that if I came out with my appearance like right now that it wouldn’t be good since I played an ahjumma. Therefore I was greedy, and there were scenes edited out, and I was disappointed in those kind of scenes. Haha.”

That was an unexpected response. That she wanted to make us laugh more. We figured that a goddess wouldn’t want to ruin her image. However, Shin Min Ah doesn’t want to be trapped by her goddess image. Not only was  the goddess image created by the public, but Shin Min Ah doesn’t want to select such limited roles either.

“I think the general public created the goddess image. I had roles with the goddess image come at me because of that. In “A Bittersweet Life,” my character was truly a character from a fantasy. That image has grown over the years. Because I did that role so early in my career, that’s why I gained the goddess image. I think that maybe if I had done a different role early on that I would have a different image today.”

Shin Min Ah didn’t hesitate to select “My Love, My Bride” as she would destroy her image and make people laugh by becoming an ahjumma. She could also sympathize with the worries that women feel as they live. As she works through being an actress, Shin Min Ah could sympathize with Mi Young more because she’s in a relationship in which both people bring in an income.

“When I first read the scenario, I asked myself why did I sympathize with the scenario when I haven’t even married yet. Then I found the answer. While “My Love, My Bride” does have the emotions that you can feel after dating for a long time, I thought the movie contained the emotions that you can feel such as embarrassment when human relationships go bad, even if the relationship isn’t a dating relationship. Also, I could feel things that a woman feels as she becomes 30 years old and starts losing things, even if I’m not married. I think I could naturally feel those things because I turned 30 years old.”

“What’s different about our movie from the original movie is that the both the man and woman have jobs, but in real life both people in a relationship have jobs. Women work as well. In that regard, when women realistically feel their worries or the fantasy they harbor towards marriage, I worried about portraying the anxieties that women feel.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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