Toda Erika Hot Pepper Spring 2014 Interview

12 Oct

Toda Erika was very stoic until finishing “SPEC,” doing weight training, bathing half of her body, and receiving massages. She separate herself from her role of Touma Saya in which she went with a no-makeup look with her unkempt hair and wore a cast on her left arm. After the role, there was a difference in the muscles in her calves. She cut off everything for her role, saying that it was splendid that she didn’t exercise for her role, becoming something of comfort for her. After moving on from the role of Touma Saya, Toda Erika is at the point where she wonders if she has to start doing something.

Skin care is what I precisely had to continue. The dermatologist told me that I had desert skin, and with a certified paper stating that the dryness of her skin was severe. I had to use moisturizer every day of the year. My skin wouldn’t produce any oil even during the summer, so I had to set up a humidifier in my room. Lately, I am using seven kinds of undiluted solutions of isoflavone, placenta and vitamin C, thoroughly taking care of my skin. What I had to be careful with is shampoo. I need to use an ample amount of bubbles and scrub the majority of my hair while giving my scalp a massage. I didn’t have healthy hair and my hair arrangement wasn’t decided, so the damage was awful, so I entrusted my hair to be treated by a professional once every two weeks.

In addition to the beauty care, I made it a rule to eat as many organic vegetables as possible, and I enjoyed cooking for myself. Yesterday while cooking chicken wings, I added a condiment paste made of yuzu zest and chili peppers, and I would add a lot into the chicken soup, and after that, to the tomato salad. Avocado and potato salad seems to have been a very easy menu (Laughs).

When I decided to co-star in a CM with Matsuko Deluxe, honestly, the tension soared. Which one would Matsuko like? She naturally liked the appearance (of the food), and with her speaking so straightforwardly, it made me happy. The girls that were shown the CM made me feel that the hair salon was becoming more of a familiar place. Though my skin color has an affinity with the ashy color, I think if I went to the hair salon today, I would go back to the pink ashy color after such a long time.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview

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