Sawajiri Erika First Class Interview

13 Oct

Please show your enthusiasm for playing the lead role, Yoshinari Chinami, in “First Class.”

The role of Yoshinara Chinami is one who starts working for a fashion magazine in the editorial department by accident and then tramples over the colleagues who bullied her. When I heard that the theme was about “mounting,” I intuitively thought “I must play this role.” I was attracted to the strength in the heart of the protagonist, who keeps fighting on without being crushed in the midst of the battle in the world of women. I thought it would be good to display this new role, as it is one I have not acted until now, and it was very fun. I’ll work hard to meet expectations.

The “mounting” theme that you like is in this drama.

I’m very interested in this phenomenon that has occurred between the women of this generation. I thought “There’s such a thing as that?!” and was really astonished. I think I am very candid about myself, and my friends around me say the same thing. There aren’t that many tactics that women use, so acting in this kind of drama is very interesting. I think that by completely becoming Chinami, I can peek into the world of “mounting.”

It’s been eight years since your last drama!

I thought it would be nice if many women were able to see me and that I would be involved in creating a drama. As dramas are long, we started filming in advance so as to not destroy our bodies nor get injured. We are working really hard to show the viewers such a cute and sparkling world view through the cute displays.

We heard that the drama is going to depict battles between the female co-workers.

From the viewpoint of a co-star, one would say “That’s how it appears!” so we are acting will all of our hearts to make it appear that way. My character is entering into a situation in which she enters into the middle of a violent battle, and as she has no experience, I will give it my all until the end.

Can you give your opinion of Chinami’s fashion in the drama?

I would say that Chinami changes her fashion as she goes from being an employee at a clothing material store to working in the fashion industry. Chinami has her own individuality, so I think that she makes her sweetness come out. Because a woman’s proportions are due to her age, I think it would be good if an idea came out that made women sympathize with it.

What would you like to say to the viewers that may overlook the drama?

Chinami is a strong woman who at the core can be kind to people. Chinami undergoes various difficulties but doesn’t back down, and without forgetting her smile, continues to live on with a kind heart. I hope that I conveyed well the positive parts of the drama.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview

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