Han Ye Seul “The Role of a Reckless Heiress Makes Me Excited”

31 Oct

This woman is honest. The woman who lives and eats off of the interest she receives from the general public doesn’t watch TV and doesn’t use the Internet very much. That is because she doesn’t cling to the image she has shown us.

“Honestly, I’m carefree and like a guy. I don’t look in the mirror very much. Because of my looks, I have the reputation of being cold, coy, and shrewd. I don’t worry about it very much because that’s now how I really am.”

An arrogant and haughty image. Han Ye Seul, whose likes and dislikes and clearer, has found the home theater within a year. On the 14th at 9 PM, she did it through the first broadcast of the MBC weekend drama “Fantasy Couple.”

“The role I play is a Korean-American, Anna Jo. When she was young, her parents left her with an enormous inheritance, and after her parents passed away, all of her relatives that were targeting her flattered her, so she was raised like a princess. Therefore she doesn’t even know the concept of a haughty personality, so she is a malicious person.”

In order to get this role, Han Ye Seul personally went to the production company Group Eight and persuaded the related parties. It is said that her affection towards the role of Anna Jo was different from other people. Why did Han Ye Seul want this careless role so badly?

“Anna Jo is luxurious and urban, but she definitely isn’t an evil character. As she grew up in an affluent environment, people couldn’t understand how she lived, so many people misunderstand her. On the inside, she is lonely and empty, so she has a tenacious charm.”

When asked if her acting sense hasn’t worsened during her one year break, her huge eyes popped open. “It’s not that there aren’t any unfamiliar aspects…Truthfully, my voice has a really high tone. Therefore, I have been learning singing for two to three months. I think my voice has changed to become more stable because of that.”

Han Ye Seul was a model that made her acting debut through a sitcom, and talk about her acting ability has followed her since. She recognizes this, and she continued with a monologue confessing about it.

“I don’t think I have a natural gift for acting. I have to fix the aspects I lack in with hard work. I want to become the Han Ye Seul that viewers want to see a lot and love. Like that one friend everyone has. The kind of person that makes you happy after you see them again after a long time.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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