Lee Yeon Hee’s Sensitive Travel Kit

9 Nov

Lee Yeon Hee has finished filming Hwajung. She left behind the drama in which she spent many months living as Princess Jungmyung and met The Celebrity staff in Bali. Lee Yeon Hee cautiously opened her heart under the Bali scenery as she met The Celebrity staff for the first time around 11 AM on the beach. While she was met with the blowing wind, she started with a bright smile.

The long run of the sageuk “Hwajung” ended after filming from March 23rd to September 29th. There’s bound to be relief along with some lingering feelings and disappointment.

Truthfully, since it was a 50 episode drama, I wondered if it would end. (Laughs) I was worried about what would happen to filming if I collapsed seeing as there was a physical burden to my body throughout filming, but when would I have the chance to do a long project like this? In an actor’s life, I gained a valuable opportunity that doesn’t come around often, so I studied a lot. I listened to many seniors and staff members a lot. If there’s one thing I’m disappointed with, it’s that I was worrying about not being able to show a good side of myself to the viewers because of all the physically hard parts during the filming of such a long drama.

Such experiences must have been a big help to you.

I have had experience with works since I was young, but this was the first time I worked with so many people. There were over 100 staff members. Honestly, I’m not a very social person, and not only do I not have much aegyo, I have an introverted personality. Since I had the huge role of the protagonist, I got along with many people and had various conversations. I needed “cheekiness,” but I wasn’t prepared, so it was difficult meeting so many people all of a sudden. When I had to act with my sunbaes, I was more nervous than usual and even flustered, so it wasn’t easy in those situations where I had to concentrate on acting. However, it sounds like I was only given ordeals I could endure, but those hardships felt like the foundation of my experiences to bring out a new me. So now I’m a little cheeky. (Laughs) It seems like it was a major help for me.

This is the special question for two-year anniversary of “The Celebrity” starting publication. “Lee Yeon Hee’s Celebrity” and “Who is your muse?” Who is your muse?

When I was young, I had thoughts of becoming like whomever I liked. The three actresses that I really want to resemble are Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Marion Cotillard. I also like taking pictures, so I want to be like Melanie Laurent, who knows a woman’s sensitivity, and can act and direct in a detailed and expressive manner. I also want to try a role where I’m a buyer selling movies to the market. (Laughs) I attend foreign film festivals and I’m searching for a hidden gem of a movie. To brag a little bit, I have a pretty good discerning eye. Ah, this is really embarrassing…haha. When I saw the movie “Once” at the Jecheon International Film Festival, I was really touched, and thought this movie would do really well in Korea, and when it opened here, the movie was the talk of the town, so it did very well. (Laughs) I really love movies. I have a lot of greed, don’t I?

What is your dream? Have you achieved it? Or are you still in the process of achieving it?

I want to become an actress that is in step with time and the situation. My dream that I have had since I was young was to work hard until I got my name known as that kind of actress. Truthfully, whenever I think that I have achieved my dream, another dream arises. I developed the desire to not only achieve dreams in Korea, but throughout this wide world. That dream is what I am currently chasing after. If I become content, I get the feeling that my life would lose its meaning. If I achieve my dream, I need to chase after something new so that I can yearn for something once again.

Music is essential when going on vacation!

I listen to CCM too, and I enjoy listening to My Q’s music, and he is a singer-songwriter and the director of a bag brand. Among CCM’s songs, the one I would recommend is Anointing’s “Vision”.

Which products must you bring with you on vacation?

A speaker. Calmly turning on music makes the sensibility good. I like choosing songs to listen to.

What is the fashion style that you personally prefer?

I wear many different types of clothes. For example, I like flashy accessories. I like things from bold rings to scarves and hats. On the contrary, I often choose a simple style when it comes to the color of clothes. Instead of a flashy colors, I mainly wear clothes with a gray tone or without a strong tone.


Translation: Seultoria @ Hallyu Interview

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