Why Did Shin Min Ah The Goddess Become An Ahjumma?

4 Oct

Shin Min Ah is a goddess that makes your mouth open just by looking at her, but she came back as an ahjumma with a voice that will make you plug your ears. She is an ahjumma that chases her husband from the front door to the bathroom to the living room to the main room while yelling at him, showing the ‘correct’ version of an ahjumma. She’s not the coffee shop owner who exudes a mysterious aura from her recent movie “Gyeongju,” and she’s not the cute ghost that one couldn’t help but love from “Arang And The Magistrate” either. In the movie “”My Love, My Bride,” Shin Min Ah disheveled appearance is vastly different.

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Kim So Eun “Pure? You Haven’t Looked At Me Correctly”

2 Oct

Pure. Bubbly. Elegant. Womanly. Those are the fragmentary images of Kim So Eun that we have when we think of her. However, Kim So Eun says that we don’t know her well. “I’m easy-going!” she says. We meet Kim So Eun of the horror movie “Mourning Grave.”

This is your first movie in eight years after “Someone Behind You.” Why did it take so long?

Kim So Eun: That’s right. I wanted to do movies, but I didn’t have any opportunities. I couldn’t fit a movie in because of my drama schedules. That is why after “Horse Doctor” finished, I filmed “Entangled” and “Mourning Grave” back-to-back. After wanting to film movies, I filmed two of them back-to-back, so I feel like I accomplished something. I feel like I now have something I wanted.

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Jin Se Yeon’s Affirmation

23 Sep

The drama Doctor Stranger is atop of the Monday-Tuesday dramas airing and on the real-time searches, leaving the competition in the dust. The drama and Jin Se Yeon’s name rank high in the search rankings. Jin Se Yeon is the trend of the trendy drama. Jin Se Yeon’s appearance is bright despite having stayed up all night for filming and waking up early to come to the studio. The drama contains a story of a man who feels that both North and South Korea are foreign and his search for the woman he loves. In the drama, Jin Se Yeon plays the roles of Song Jae Hee, the girl Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) fell in love with in North Korea, and Han Seung Hee, an exceptionally talented anesthetist in South Korea. “In the first two episodes of Doctor Stranger, the drama contains the story of Hoon and Jae Hee escaping North Korea together. We spent a week filming in Budapest, Hungary, and it was the first time I filmed oversees, so it’s amazing. When we arrived, the director said ‘That is the bridge we will use to film,’ and just that made me happy. Europe’s landscape and atmosphere. I thought that I was filming in a really cool place.”

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Takimoto Miori Oricon August 2013 Interview

22 Sep

── Takimoto-san, don’t you greatly dislike ghosts?

【Takimoto】That’s true.  Even during the “Sadako 3D2” preview, I was scared and removed my 3D glasses in an instant (Laughs). I was able to prepare myself for the scene I was going to come out, but I couldn’t for the other scenes. At any rate, when it became too much for me, my hands unconsciously moved towards my 3D glasses (Laughs).

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Kim Yuna, the Difference Between a Girl and a Woman

20 Sep

Kim Yuna’s pictorial and interview that she recently did with fashion magazine Elle has become a hot topic. Elle met up with Kim Yuna, who is no longer the figure skating queen, but saying that she’s a normal and fresh 25-year-old girl is something new. After retiring in May, Kim Yuna has seemingly found some breathing room in her life, and Elle revealed all of the small talks that Kim Yuna shared with Elle.

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Red Velvet and Their Five-Minute Talks

7 Sep

Translation on Soompi.

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Shin Se Kyung, Blooming Temptation

6 Sep

Translation here on Soompi.

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25 Year Old Yoona, Truthful and More Loveable

19 Jul

Things that felt sufficient long ago feel deficient now. Should one become stricter with oneself? It is frightening to reveal the things one owns to the world as they are, but one has no choice but to worry for the sake of completely having the lights shine upon oneself without leaning on anything.

CECI. Now that we have actually met you, it is surprising that your voice is that deep.

That’s right. Whether it’s a pictorial, singing, the stage, there have been many times where I had to play the loveable and cute role, so many people see me as womanly. However, while singing, I like the lower register parts and the feeling of a gender-neutral pictorial concept. Looking at that, there is a difference between my image and my real self. In the drama “Prime Minister and I,” I played the role of Nam Da Jung, and when she was a reporter, her easy-going personality is similar to my personality. I had a really comfortable time acting, and there were many viewers that said the role felt fresh, so I felt disappointed that those episodes didn’t last longer.

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Beautiful Actress, Lee Na Young

22 Jun

“Since both my body and mind are healthy, I think that a person who is able to deliver that energy to the people around her is truly a beautiful person.”

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Han Hyo Joo In Cancun, Mexico

6 May

Han Hyo Joo suggested an interview on the balcony, as she wanted to hear the romantic sound of the Caribbean Sea waves.  She softly spoke as she took a drink of the cold, refreshing beer. “This moment right now, it’s the feeling that I’m starting my life anew.” Isn’t this the secret of her positive attitude, being able to seize The Best Leading Actress award through roles in “Dong Yi” and “Cold Eyes” at such a young age? After a few years, the sunrise radiates only upon her in the city of Cancun that welcomed her, and like the words of the ecstatic Han Hyo Joo, the brilliant life of hers was continuing.

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