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Han Ye Seul “If I Had To Do Plastic Surgery For My Confidence…”

17 Mar

[Translator Note: This is part three of three of her DongA interview. You can read part one here and part two here.]

Actress Han Ye Seul revealed her beliefs toward her own appearance and charms.

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Han Ye Seul “As A Woman, I Find Jun Ji Hyun To Be A Very Cool Actress”

17 Mar

[Translator Note: This is the second of three DongA interviews. You can read part one here.]

Actress Han Ye Seul mentioned Jun Ji Hyun, who made a successful comeback through “You Who Came From The Stars.”

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Han Ye Seul “End of the Year Awards Speech? I Just Wanted to Convey My Gratitude to Teddy”

17 Mar

[Translator Note: This is the first of three DongA interviews.]

Actress Han Ye Seul talked about her end of the year awards speech that was a hot topic.

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Han Ye Seul “Advancing to Hollywood? I’ll Take That Chance Without Wavering”

31 Oct

Actress Han Ye Seul will venture into voice-over dubbing in “Monsters vs Aliens,” which opens this year on April 23.

Han Ye Seul plays the role of Ginormica, who one day suddenly obtains great power, and Han Ye Seul will put her own bubbliness into the role.

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Han Ye Seul “The Role of a Reckless Heiress Makes Me Excited”

31 Oct

This woman is honest. The woman who lives and eats off of the interest she receives from the general public doesn’t watch TV and doesn’t use the Internet very much. That is because she doesn’t cling to the image she has shown us.

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Han Ye Seul “Do You Want To See The Sexy Gumiho Once?”

7 Oct

Talent Han Ye Seul, whose stock has been rising quickly lately, has attempted a different transformation.

In the upcoming fusion drama ‘Forbidden Love’ that has its first broadcast on the 19th, Han Ye Seul plays the role of Chae Yi, a gumiho that is a hunter. In the human world, Chae Yi plays the role of the owner of a jazz club and a jazz vocalist, and with her ability to transform, she enjoys taunting human males every night.

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Immortal Actress Han Ye Seul [Part Two]

13 Sep

What’s your relationship with your mother?
Back then, whatever I did, I tried to only show the good side of myself. Even if I was having a hard time, I pretended as if things were okay, I pretended to know even if I didn’t know, and I pretended to be mature when I was pissed off and wanted to give up. That’s the “me” that I hid from my mom. Since I seem far away from my mom, I just started showing off myself as I naturally am. My mom may even be worried, saying things like “My daughter is still a baby”, but I like the fact that our closeness and bond are strong. On one hand, it’s as if I’m implanting the awareness in her that I’m the daughter that she still has to protect and that I still rely on her. I also have a lot of fun being with my mother. We watch TV, do other things and talk. There are a lot of things we talk about, and without choosing a subject, we talk and talk.

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Immortal Actress Han Ye Seul [Part One]

10 Sep

Do you live as an actress, or were you born as one?
Many people ask that. They say that what you’re born with is more important than the effort you put in. Then there are other people who say that effort is more important than what you were born with. I have thought about this a lot. To start things off, the first one seems like passion. If ‘genius’ can be applied here, that would be very good. One would be able to say that they possess the best requirement to survive in this competitive field if they were also assisted by acquired talent, right? Just choosing one side is difficult to do. Upon working, there are situations where my natural talent comes into play, and then there are situations where my acquired talent comes into play. Passion is the most important thing to me above anything else.

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Han Ye Seul is a Very Cheerful Person Upon Meeting Her

28 Aug

Her cheerful high tone voice surged into the studio room. Anyone could figure out who the owner of the voice is upon just hearing her voice. She is Han Ye Seul. Han Ye Seul came to the studio to do a pictorial after a long time, but she wasn’t alone. She came with Nicola Formachetti, who came to Korea on March 27th. Nicola Formachetti, who is a global style director who has done countless collaborations and style directions, participated in a collaboration with the newly launched French jewelry brand Didier Dubot with his own jewelry line, Nico Panda. He participated in a special pictorial where he did the style direction himself with Han Ye Seul, Didier Dubot’s muse.

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Han Ye Seul – Sparkling Woman [Part 3]

19 Jul

Part 1.

Part 2.

At the very least, there shouldn’t be any burden looking at things like that. (Laughs)

While living positively, you end up a bit idiotic, you know. I think that being elegant and nice is a virtue for Korean women. However, each individual’s life is their own, and as a woman, it’s good to enjoy one’s own beauty. I believe in myself and live my life according to my own convictions, and dress myself as a princess to my heart’s desire. That’s my philosophy. I live by making myself happy. Since youth doesn’t last very long, I fully love my time as a youthful person and I’ll enjoy it beautifully.

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