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Lee Yeon Hee’s Sensitive Travel Kit

9 Nov

Lee Yeon Hee has finished filming Hwajung. She left behind the drama in which she spent many months living as Princess Jungmyung and met The Celebrity staff in Bali. Lee Yeon Hee cautiously opened her heart under the Bali scenery as she met The Celebrity staff for the first time around 11 AM on the beach. While she was met with the blowing wind, she started with a bright smile.

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Talking About Love and Marriage With The Twenty Five Year Old Lee Yeon Hee

17 Dec

It’s been about ten years since Lee Yeon Hee debuted as an actress in 2004. She is now at the right age (25) to talk about marriage. We have not been able to meet Lee Yeon Hee in the big screen after the 2008 movie ‘Hello Schoolgirl’, but she chose the movie ‘Marriage Blues’, a movie that depicts marriage blues, as her comeback movie project after five years.

In ‘Marriage Blues’, Lee Yeon Hee plays the role of Somi, a girl who has been in a seven year relationship with a wedding looming ahead, but another man appears and shakes up her heart. I had a frank talk with Yeon Hee about being at the right age for love to blossom and marriage.

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Lee Yeon Hee of ‘Marriage Blues’, “What is the standard for an actor’s external appearance? For him to have nice skin!”

22 Nov

“This is interesting. Meeting highly individualistic people and creating a movie is exciting!”

It seems as if actress Lee Yeon Hee is correctly looking into the water, having her hidden brilliant talent surface, and she is enjoying it to her heart’s content. Though the image of Lee Yeon Hee being the girl with a perfect appearance as if she were the protagonist of a comic book is still there, it’s clearly evident that something has changed.

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Actress Lee Yeon Hee’s Position on Her ‘Acting Controversy’

6 Nov

Actress Lee Yeon Hee truthfully revealed her own thoughts about the ‘acting controversy’ that is following her as if it’s her label.

On the 5th, Lee Yeon Hee held an interview with a reporter from SportsSeoul.com in a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul to promote the movie ‘Marriage Blues’. While talking about her thoughts on returning to the big screen after five years, one of the topics brought up was the acting controversy that always surrounds her. She revealed her confidence by stating “I admit that there are a lot of parts where I personally made many mistakes. I’m still learning, as ever. I plan to show a new side of myself in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Miss Korea’.”

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