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Sunmi, Talking About Her Solemn Beauty

4 Oct

A celebrity that announces a break has a lot of hard parts to overcome in the process of returning to the stage. Is it worth the effort, such as when trying to correct a train that has gone off the tracks? In this process, Sunmi has shot a flare as a solo singer, becoming known as Sunmi instead of “Wonder Girls’ Sunmi.”

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Sunmi “The Sofa Performance in ‘Full Moon’ Reflects My Ideas”

3 Apr


Sunmi revealed the behind stories connected to the sofa performances in ‘Full Moon’.

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Sunmi “After Waiting Three Years and Seven Months, I Found the ‘Real Me’”

5 Sep

What was the past three years and seven months like for Sunmi, who shined under the bright spotlight as a member of the best girl group? Sunmi, who has her roots in the girl group the Wonder Girls made her solo debut with the single “24 Hours Aren’t Enough”. Sunmi shows off her hesitation and nervousness as she once again steps upon the stage, introducing herself as the “rookie singer Sunmi”. How long the wait for this moment must have been. Sunmi hasn’t been able to sleep because of her palpitating heart.

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