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Toda Erika Hot Pepper Spring 2014 Interview

12 Oct

Toda Erika was very stoic until finishing “SPEC,” doing weight training, bathing half of her body, and receiving massages. She separate herself from her role of Touma Saya in which she went with a no-makeup look with her unkempt hair and wore a cast on her left arm. After the role, there was a difference in the muscles in her calves. She cut off everything for her role, saying that it was splendid that she didn’t exercise for her role, becoming something of comfort for her. After moving on from the role of Touma Saya, Toda Erika is at the point where she wonders if she has to start doing something.

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Toda Erika Model Press Interview, Alluding to the Possibility of a SPEC Sequel

27 Dec

SPEC, which had its beginnings as a serial drama, and showed its raging development as there were films that followed, is finally concluding its story. Model Press conducted an interview with the actress Toda Erika, who plays the role of Toma Saya. Toda Erika talked about the opening of SPEC: Close ~Progress Version~, which opens on November 1, and SPEC: Close ~Crisscross Version~ opens November 29, that she is preparing for, her current mental state, the making of her role, and she even went into the possibility of a sequel to the SPEC series.

SPEC, which was broadcast as a drama in October 2010, is a story of combo of Toma Saya and Sebumi Takeru, special investigators of the Public Safety Division in Police Headquarters, and their fight with criminals who possess the special ability called ‘SPEC’, which includes abilities such as precognition and telekinetic powers. Due to SPEC being a production of Tsutsumi Yukihiko, the peculiar world view has gripped the hearts of many fans, which lead to a drama special, SPEC: Shou, to be broadcast on TV last April, and continuing that, the movie SPEC: Heaven was released.

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Toda Erika MyNavi Interview

23 Sep

On July 18th, the original drama “I Love You”, which is a three-part omnibus love story, will start on the comprehensive entertainment app UULA. UULA is an app exclusively for smart phones where customers can enjoy over 60,000 clips and songs to their hearts content for 490 yen a month. In the part titled “Transparent Polar Bear”, Toda Erika plays the part of Chiho, who feels anxiety in her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend after his job relocation was decided. This is a work that depicts the hearts that way to love that instinctively makes you empathize with the characters. We inquired Toda Erika, who is of the same generation as the characters, about how she feels things and her thoughts on the drama.

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