Yeoshindeul Translations

Yeoshindeul was the tumblr I used to run. I had posted translations on there and this page will be an archive for those translations.

Han Ye Seul MBC Section TV Interview Summary

Han Hyo Joo “In Normal Life, I’m Not Serious; I’m a Perfectionist While Working”

Kim So Eun of ‘The Horse Healer’, which airs its first episode on October 1st, “Please love Princess Sook-hwi as much as the Full Moon”

Actress Han Ji Min, the Secret to Better Acting is a ‘Balanced Life’

Han Hyo Joo “Obsession Of Not Making Mistakes During Bed Scenes With Lee Byung Hun” (Interview)

Han Ye Seul – She’s Bubbly and Frank without being Careless

Allure Korea’s Interview With Han Ye Seul

Movieweek’s interview with Han Ye Seul

Moon Chae Won, “A Visualized Character Before This”

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