Sunmi “The Sofa Performance in ‘Full Moon’ Reflects My Ideas”

3 Apr


Sunmi revealed the behind stories connected to the sofa performances in ‘Full Moon’.

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Jeon Hyosung “Girl Group Sexy Crisis, It’s Disappointing That They’re Focusing on the Sexuality”

25 Feb

Jeon Hyosung revealed her opinion towards the regret people have on the girl group sexy crisis.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jeon Hyosung revealed that “There are circumstances where you need sexy clothing or sexy choreography. However, if the sexy concept becomes number one, I don’t think that will be good.”

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Han Ji Min, It’s Already Been Ten Years

24 Feb

It’s already been ten years. It’s been ten years since Han Ji Min has started getting her name known as an actor. She didn’t expect that the day when she unexpectedly put her foot in the business would decide her life for the next ten years. “Life is like a continuation of started events that happen through totally unexpected opportunities.” While attending an all-girls middle school, Han Ji Min was in her third year transferring to a co-ed school, setting her transformation to a normal female student. A brand new male teacher who had come from an all-male school who had been a manager in his past recommended Ji Min to a relative, and Ji Min eventually debuted as a TV CF model.

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BoA “Don’t Look At Me As A Girl, But As A Woman”

23 Feb

Bright weather finding us like spring coming at last. Leaving behind the bustling of the tree-lined roads, a bare-faced BoA appeared on the rooftop of a quiet and peaceful hotel. Whether she was going to break the silence of enjoy it, she greeted us and as soon as she placed her bag down, she started playing the music in her iPad. At least, she sat in front of the makeup stand, and upon looking at her thoroughly, her tan and healthy skin, slim body line, and delicate features really strike the eye. Lately her experience and intelligence have been shining, along with her womanly appearance. Just by looking at her the gleam in her eyes, she started chatting noisily with her staff members, but after ‘changing’, she become ‘cold’.

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Goo Hara’s Happiest Moment

23 Feb

You were recently appointed as an ambassador for blood donation.

There are people with big hearts that always want to help the elderly that live alone and underprivileged children, but when they go to help, they have no idea where to go to support them. So whenever an offer comes in where I can be of help to others, I’ll appear to help, no matter the time. It’s the same with my activities as the ambassador of promoting blood donations. If one is able to save another person through blood donations, just that act alone has a huge meaning.

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Jessica Jung, Miss Vitamin

21 Feb

I want to know what you did for the past week.

The past week was just a week of recharging for me. Actually, upon thinking about it, I didn’t sleep thoroughly at all. I went to variety shows here and there, did advertisement filming, and even shot a pictorial. In my spare time, I was preparing for SNSD’s Japanese album. There was a fashion event, so I even visited Taiwan for a bit. After saying it out loud, I realize I was very busy. However, there’s a day this week for me to rest. Whenever I get private time to myself, I don’t venture outside the house very much. Being inside my house is the most comfortable for me.

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Jeon Hyosung “I Injured Myself The Day Before Recording Stunt Cheerleading for Star King”

19 Feb

Jeon Hyosung revealed the behind stories related to her surprising stunt cheerleading on ‘Star King’.

Secret member Jeon Hyosung revealed in a recent interview with Newsen “Truthfully, I injured myself the day before the recording of ‘Star King’.”

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Jeon Hyosung “I’m Playing A Ghost Though I Hate Ghosts…”

19 Feb

Jeon Hyosung revealed her inner thoughts about debuting as an actress through the role of a ghost.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jeon Hyosung confessed “To be honest, I’m really afraid of ghosts. I couldn’t even imagine that I would debut as the role of a ghost, which I despise and am fearful of.”

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[Mature-dols BESTie③] Dahye’s Surprising Confession “I Have Weighed Over 65 Kilograms Before”

7 Feb

There isn’t a shortcut that allows rookie idols to get their name known. Unless you’re from a juggernaut agency like SM Entertainment, it’s that much harder. One has to use their body and reveal ‘national-representative’-level ability on a variety program, gather the elders and appear on a talk show, miraculously receiving praise of being ‘beautiful’, or get your name known through social networking sites. Whether it’s through the radio, performing for the troops in the middle of winter, or performing on an outdoor stage where it’s so cold your skin is cracking, you have to give it your all. No one knows when and where you’ll explode to popularity.

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[Mature-dols BESTie②] “Direct Sex Education, We Were Taught At Our Agency”

23 Jan

Haeryung has a pure and coy smile, and after sitting down, she would continue to laugh during these odd conversations. Dahye, who is like Pocahontas, had a motherly smile whenever Haeryung meandered like an octopus and smiled. “Though she’s the maknae of the group, she has worked hard to get the BESTie name known. That’s our Haeryung. It took some time until the completion of the pictorial of the two hugging each other. Their smiles infected everyone on set, and only after everyone cried just a little bit were they able to control the atmosphere on set again.

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