Red Velvet and Their Five-Minute Talks

7 Sep

Translation on Soompi.

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Shin Se Kyung, Blooming Temptation

6 Sep

Translation here on Soompi.

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25 Year Old Yoona, Truthful and More Loveable

19 Jul

Things that felt sufficient long ago feel deficient now. Should one become stricter with oneself? It is frightening to reveal the things one owns to the world as they are, but one has no choice but to worry for the sake of completely having the lights shine upon oneself without leaning on anything.

CECI. Now that we have actually met you, it is surprising that your voice is that deep.

That’s right. Whether it’s a pictorial, singing, the stage, there have been many times where I had to play the loveable and cute role, so many people see me as womanly. However, while singing, I like the lower register parts and the feeling of a gender-neutral pictorial concept. Looking at that, there is a difference between my image and my real self. In the drama “Prime Minister and I,” I played the role of Nam Da Jung, and when she was a reporter, her easy-going personality is similar to my personality. I had a really comfortable time acting, and there were many viewers that said the role felt fresh, so I felt disappointed that those episodes didn’t last longer.

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Beautiful Actress, Lee Na Young

22 Jun

“Since both my body and mind are healthy, I think that a person who is able to deliver that energy to the people around her is truly a beautiful person.”

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June 2014 Site Update

16 Jun

As you all are aware, I have been posting very infrequently since the end of February. A lot has happened in my life, as I obtained a part-time job, went back to university, rejoined Soompi, and started studying for graduate school entrance exams. The hours I’m working will be cut back next month and my summer course will end this Friday. I’ve barely had time to translate for Soompi and I’m on a monthly quota that I have to meet, so that will always come first before translating here. However, with everything slowing down soon before August rolls around (full-time with school, studying for entrance exams and possibly a new part-time job or an accounting/finance internship), I won’t be able to translate as much as I have, but I still plan to translate new interviews every month. With that said, I am no longer able to do interview requests any longer. I used to receive more requests than I could possibly keep up with, and that was when I had more free time to do so. So this Jin Se Yeon Arena Homme interview will be the last request that I will fulfill, as I had already wanted to translate it anyway. Everything from now on will strictly be interviews that I want to translate. But fear not, as I like a variety of actresses and idols, so you should still find interviews on here that you want to read.

In order to expand this site’s appeal, I will continue to translate Korean and Japanese interviews, but I will expand into doing Mandarin interviews by the end of the year. My goal is to make this site an archive for interesting interview translations of my favorite Asian actresses and idols. I can’t translate everything and I can’t be the fastest translator out there, but such arbitrary notions aren’t my end goal in the first place.

For readers of Asian Junkie, you will continue to see select interview translations from here posted onto that site. If you ever wish to use my material, go ahead and post the interviews as long as you give credit. Nothing is worse than to see someone else stealing your work and passing it off as their own translation.

The following are translations you can look forward to being posted in July: BoA’s April First Look Interview, Kim Hee Ae’s April Elle Interview, Sawajiri Erika’s First Class Interview and Jin Se Yeon’s July Arena Homme Interview.

Thank you for the support so far and I hope to avoid a dead period like this again.

The Real CZ


Han Hyo Joo In Cancun, Mexico

6 May

Han Hyo Joo suggested an interview on the balcony, as she wanted to hear the romantic sound of the Caribbean Sea waves.  She softly spoke as she took a drink of the cold, refreshing beer. “This moment right now, it’s the feeling that I’m starting my life anew.” Isn’t this the secret of her positive attitude, being able to seize The Best Leading Actress award through roles in “Dong Yi” and “Cold Eyes” at such a young age? After a few years, the sunrise radiates only upon her in the city of Cancun that welcomed her, and like the words of the ecstatic Han Hyo Joo, the brilliant life of hers was continuing.

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Sunmi “The Sofa Performance in ‘Full Moon’ Reflects My Ideas”

3 Apr


Sunmi revealed the behind stories connected to the sofa performances in ‘Full Moon’.

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Jeon Hyosung “Girl Group Sexy Crisis, It’s Disappointing That They’re Focusing on the Sexuality”

25 Feb

Jeon Hyosung revealed her opinion towards the regret people have on the girl group sexy crisis.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jeon Hyosung revealed that “There are circumstances where you need sexy clothing or sexy choreography. However, if the sexy concept becomes number one, I don’t think that will be good.”

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Han Ji Min, It’s Already Been Ten Years

24 Feb

It’s already been ten years. It’s been ten years since Han Ji Min has started getting her name known as an actor. She didn’t expect that the day when she unexpectedly put her foot in the business would decide her life for the next ten years. “Life is like a continuation of started events that happen through totally unexpected opportunities.” While attending an all-girls middle school, Han Ji Min was in her third year transferring to a co-ed school, setting her transformation to a normal female student. A brand new male teacher who had come from an all-male school who had been a manager in his past recommended Ji Min to a relative, and Ji Min eventually debuted as a TV CF model.

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BoA “Don’t Look At Me As A Girl, But As A Woman”

23 Feb

Bright weather finding us like spring coming at last. Leaving behind the bustling of the tree-lined roads, a bare-faced BoA appeared on the rooftop of a quiet and peaceful hotel. Whether she was going to break the silence of enjoy it, she greeted us and as soon as she placed her bag down, she started playing the music in her iPad. At least, she sat in front of the makeup stand, and upon looking at her thoroughly, her tan and healthy skin, slim body line, and delicate features really strike the eye. Lately her experience and intelligence have been shining, along with her womanly appearance. Just by looking at her the gleam in her eyes, she started chatting noisily with her staff members, but after ‘changing’, she become ‘cold’.

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